[Android 11] - Need help with bugs Notification LED and Font Customisation - ZS630KL

ScoooScooo Level 2
edited February 2021 in ZenFone 6

The Notification LED is not working well since upgraded to Android 11 - TW/WW on Indian variant of the ZenFone6 - ZS630KL

When changing the Font style, the font title is not visible either, only the samples are visible.

1. Using some apps to modify the Notification LED configurations causes the phone to crash, tried LightFlow and LED Manager.

2. Even though Blue is absent in the LED, there were a number of tones present earlier, which aren't showing as well as they used to earlier.

Please help confirm if the Font name being invisible is just an upgrade in the feature.

Any help or suggestions around the Notification LED are welcome. Especially with A11, the modulation has become difficult.




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