Why the game after install doesn't want to started ?

Vall666Vall666 Level 1
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I have one game which play a while on any Android accept this one. After install game file the game go start and doesn't want to go forward. It's all the time staying at loading screen.

Anyone no idea why or please help me to get rid of that login screen.


  • ADHADH Level 2

    Hello there ,

    Please note this forum is for asus devices .

    But now you posted here i can tell some basic tips .

    First of all i tried this same game on my rog 3 it's working very fine .

    Please make sure you reinstall from Google play store for better results and compatibility .

    Installed from 3rd party ?

    Try checking permissions .

    Try getting compatible package.

    At last please make sure you have stable network connection on .

    Make sure hyperfusion is off sometimes if causes problem .

    It's not issue related to Rog 3 trying contacting game devs for better help .

    Thank you

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