selfie photos are over sharpened

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I just bought zenfone 7 pro, wish to have a better selfie photo,but I found that the photos are over sharpened a lot by default. I try to take another selfie from the raw+jpg way, those photos are very goood, not over sharpened, so I think that the default processing way is too much on sharpness and contract. Also, skin tone is bit greenish.


  • I'd really like to see a comparison with U11 since it's really hard to believe that phone takes better selfies.

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    I just edited my post, and pls concentrate on the issue. I believe it is a problem and it is stated in dxo review too.

    Anyway, I am satisfied with what it took by raw+jpg, but normal camera is way too sharpened, and look fake with beauty.

    I believe some people may feel the same

  • Selfies are perfectly fine for me. The "sharpness" you are talking about is just the amount of detail the main sensor produces. You just got used to mediocre front facing cameras, eg. the U11 you mentioned before editing the post.

    Please stop searching for issues where there are none.

  • ok zenfone is not for me, I know this issue exists long time ago as mentioned in dxo website.

  • and pls read my comment carefully, I am telling that the raw+jpg way is much better than just taking by normal way.

    just wonder why it sharpens a lotby default, but not like the raw+jpg way

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    Most users like the way ZenFone 7 Pro captures selfies. This is why we tuned it that way. Just because the reviewer at DXO wasn't crazy about this part of the camera doesn't make it wrong. But are you still not satisfied after you found that there's less processing made in PRO mode when selecting jpg+raw in camera resolution settings?

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