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I see the hidden Facebook crap still exists on the 6 same as on the 5. Can't uninstall them so have had to settle for disabling them. Something for people to be aware of. What purpose do these apps serve, if I wanted any Facebook spyware (which I definitely don't) surely I could install it myself?


  • I can confirm that if you disable the Facebook app you screenshotted, there will be no privacy or security risks. It looks like you're already in the clear.
  • And the reason it's there in the first place hidden in the system apps?
  • Social media is a big part of the mobile experience, and adding Facebook allows for more optimization for the users that want to take advantage of the service. Even more so for a phone with a gigantic selfie camera. We also built the ZenTalk forum right into the settings menu of the phone. It was a design decision to make social more of a focal point with ZenFone 6.
  • We can agree to disagree on that but why hide the apps and not give people the option to uninstall them? I had the Zenfone 5 for a year before I found out that that unwanted bloatware was installed.
  • It would be nice if Asus would provide a list of unnecessary hidden apps that can be safely disabled to protect your privacy and possibly improve performance/battery life.
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