when will the new updates arrive ?



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    Many users are being genuine here but the fanboys/ spokespersons will come and try to counter us with their pathetic arguments. I feel you and have these issues prevailing on this phone

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    I'll never understand why people go out of their way to defend a phone manufacturer that has had many goes at making a phone, and still can't get it right. Sure there are issues (in hardware) that can't be fixed, but they don't own that, do they. Massive name in ASUS backing them, yet a obvious failure of a phone. Black crush will not be fixed, that's fact....Just try to sell your device while it's current. Other software issues are not a priority at all, obviously. I'm sure ROG 4 yes 4th ROG will be perfect hahhaha. If the phone wasn't sold at premium price, i wouldn't expect premium features, premium hardware and premium support, not end users fault. I just wonder if this quality spills over into ASUS IT hardware.

  • Wow, you'll accept anything as good enough. Yes, i agree the the developers of the phone should be on holidays, however ASUS is happy to sell the phone and take my money any time of year. They could have pushed an update early, even just security fix. Stop supporting lazy manufactures, or we will see this again next phone.

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    Can you try doing something, please do. I will be happy if there is an outcome out of it. If you can't do anything and hit on your keyboard non sensically because you have one doesn't show anything but show you are lazy. Writing on forums is easy, doing something is difficult. So carry on as hard as you can. If something changes out of it well and good.


  • I'll never understand how highly ignorant users cannot seem to use their brains for once.

    1.) there are no known hardware issues on the Rog3

    2.) Op8Pro is the best example how an experienced Phone manufacturer who has made more phones and more experience still makes mistakes

    3.) Black crush not getting fixed as a "fact" makes me want to wonder how your tiny mind even managed to find this forum.

    4.) Most of the issues here on the forums are worthless because they are caused by scamming sellers who want to make quick bucks by taking a tencent phone and flashing a WW rom onto it, hell I've even seen a tencent phone with flashed WW rom where the seller has replaced the back panel. The seemingly bad quality control is actually caused by shady resellers not ASUS themselves. The actual Phone has some very minor bugs and the only "real" issue the phone has is black crush.

    Sadly ignorant users are wasting the developers time with their lack of knowledge how to identify a modified Rog3 phone with false reports of bugs that don't exist in normal Rog 3 phones. I've already contacted gustav and asked him to make a pinthread how to identify these scamphones because I'm sick and tired of ignorant users reporting absolutely worthless bugs and glitches caused by their crappy sellers.

  • Whoa dude, chill.. you're absolutely making a bold statement about people complaining in here because they got a tencent version lol, that's sounds so cheap when it comes from you as an argument xD

    In a matter of fact, tencent ver doesn't get any fota if they flash the ROM.

    I know you're just being denial about trying so hard to cover asus's ass but, i see you literally everywhere in here deflecting everyone's problem like "nah dude, my phone still work fine". Well, keep it up dude, who am i to judge ? *wink

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