Android 11 stable Related Upset



  • Great..thanks for the info...I was assuming that 12 will also be there

  • Got new update on Android 10

  • Updated. That means another month whe have to wait...Then We will get to know that December security patch We are going to get. & In February may be android 11 for all users but not stable they are excusing us said by stable but we know stable is just a dream nothing else.. LoL Asus . You can naver be honest & good reputed company .

    From 1st January I will be parmanent user of Samsung. Good Bye Assu in advance. I am very very upset with your service.

    Was living with so many bugs in android 10 hoping that they would provide us android 11 by end of decenber. They fooled us. I am crying .

    I will go with samsung. I loved Asus. I had bought Asus Max Pro M1, M2 & then Asus 6z. I thought of buying Asus 7z but they made me hopeless.

    Thanks ASUS😭🤣😭

  • No more expectations...I mean for lesser than a year we will be experiencing A11 and woofff!!... It's outdated....woww....since November we are listening that it's halfway through...but I think It doesn't reach at the Mid-way also...what's a fun guys..I mean really...this wasn't expected....

    And this is a last comment from my side on this...from now on 'No more excitement for A11'

    Appreciate your hard work but no more expectations...



  • Google photos stabliser doesn't work on android 10. I need this eagerly.

  • I also do not understand why people eagerly need all these updates...just see the history major updates always causing issues be it pixel or asus. What feature googles adding in these android updates?? Phones are becoming dead slow after all these updates...what so exciting about a11? are these features worth for so much stress and crying? This is all market gimmic to give faster update and ruin devices...z6 hardware is more than enough but we need more refined experience be it a10 or a11 does not matter.

  • I agree, just be patient for goodness sakes

  • All users are unique and their usage / reliability differs so as their view on software.

    ASUS / or be it any brand whenever they release their model to market it will be fine but once it starts receiving updates device will become unstable and unreliable for many of us,

    So this is something a user needs to decide and move on

  • I really don't know what bugs are you guys facing in A10 ? It's absolutely stable and performs quite well for a phone costing less than 500 usd. Constructive criticism helps and not pointlessly whining. Not sure why you are so impatient.

    Good luck with Samsung updates , btw. 😂

  • I don't have any problem with the A10 either, everything works as it should.

  • This is lame..shouldn't you be complaining to google about it rather than cursing Asus for not releasing A11?

  • Thanks to Google we have a modern operating system which can (in theory) be updated at lowest cost ever thanks to Project Treble. On top of that there is Project Mainline which helps old devices be secure and DSU for developers who want to test the newest Android possible on real HW. Engineering an operating system is very complicated. I'm not going to complain at anyone. Delaying (and not abandoning) is fine.

  • I need a help with camera shutter button and downgrade the update on 6z.

    After update, timer function in n shutter button is not working. It only displays the time but does not work. And after update , it's eating the ram space alot. Hence,.I want to downgrade the latest update. Can anyone help me with this issue?

  • Does Asus utilize rollback protection for locked bootloader devices? If not, you should be able to sideload older firmware by downloading it maunally and placing it in internal memory.

  • Guys please check in android 11 finally released in Taiwan and other countries will get it soon @Anders_ASUS thanks for releasing this soon

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