when will the new updates arrive ?



  • I literally posted links people saying the same garbage as here, black crush still an issue on OP. When I google black crush fix I see useless news articles talking about how Asus has fixed the black crush as well.


    Learn to be source critical before spouting nonsense.


    But the problem is still there

    User reporting issue on dec 1st


    Issue known since at least 2nd of June. Yeah Oneplus so much faster fixing things.

    Stop talking out of your ass, thanks.

  • It's not wrong to follow up on updates, but it's wrong spamming misinformation and keep asking when it's clear that there is no real deadline to the update. It's done when it's done, If they truly intend to fix the black crush completely, it will require teamwork with pixelworks in coronatime, you cannot predict when such a colabration would be finished as there are multiple teams working together testing and bugfixing in a hard to predict enviroment, especially since U.S has some serious downtimes and restrictions.

    My main complaint here is simply that expecting ASUS to fix an issue that google, samsung, Oneplus and Apple is facing since years in a couple of months is borderline mentally disabled. That combined with the ridicolous amount of misinformation spreading because of half assed donkeys thinking they know anything makes me want to vomit over my keyboard.

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    Stop farting out of your mouth and get a life. Black crush issue is so yesterday. Now it's call quality prob, L3 widevine, no VoWifi. Stop stating that other phones have issues. It doesn't solve anything. We want our phones bug free

  • Black crush is by far the most widespread problem. As for the other issues quite easily your lack of understanding makes it that you look quite dumb right now.

    Lets start with the first thing:

    Call quality is more than likely caused by your provider rather than ASUS. I have no such issues and millions of people have reported no such issues either, it's only a minority complaining about that which likely are user/provider enduced in some way.

    L3 Widevine is an issue caused by google being dumb as usual. Several devices have Widevine issues, ASUS, LG, OP and even Samsung Devices have gotten bugged out and glitched out.

    VoLTE again provider based, much like 5G which depending on provider isn't usable either. Telling ASUS to fix your provider is quite ridicolous to begin with.

    You have successfully showcased you have 0 clue what you're talking about. congratulations

  • Stop spreading nonsense. Black crush depends on multiple things, update version, refreshrate and brightness level. All phone suffer from black crush due to complications on how OLED screens need to be properly calibrated.

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    This shows your own ignorance and stop preaching others. When I switch the SIM to my other phone I don't have call quality issue. L3 widevine issue has been acknowledged by ASUS themselves and it was caused during their last update. VOWifi in india is available on ROG3 only for one of the providers while my provider has the feature. It's asus which hasnt configured it yet. You still continue to showcase your lack of knowledge and proving it with every comment here

  • Yeah you talking while me sourcing my arguments, clearly shows ignorance while you run your ass.

  • You'll find many other posts if you search for them

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    Lol u r saying about my provider without knowing which provider and no knowledge about it. Which means there's no way you know about whether it supports VOWifi. Well I don't have to tell more.

  • Let me guess, My Asus rog 3 is some sort of special 1337 monster working edition given by the choosen "fanboys" as you like to call people who aren't full of sht.

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    Maybe but your brain isn't. If it was you would have foreseen the fact that others may not have been so fortunate and may be facing issues.

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    Agreed most of the oleds have the issue but the scale at which it occurs is less. With my unit at least I am just unable to watch hdr content even though I like the speakers on them.

  • Now lets test your brain capacity.

    How come I have the same update and not the same issue? (I assume you're on .99)

    If it is the update or the Phone, EVERYONE should have the problem, however FAR from everyone has it. Has it crossed your tiny mind that MAYBE your device has been modified by your shady reseller which has NOTHING to do with Asus? I've read enough of topics here to easily see that in your region there are tons of idiot resellers doing shady shit to gain some quick bucks.

    You're giving ASUS fault for something dumb resellers probably have done. Most of these issues that arent black crush related are mostly related to some dumb users who purchased some modified ASUS phones, which ASUS themselves even have several warnings on several threads and even pinned a thread about tencent phones with WW roms etc. which would cause EXACLY these types of problems.

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    Can you name those resellers? If your brain is competent enough to fathom so much then tell us which resellers and you are assuming we are buying from them. Well in my country it's being sold online officially and is the only seller of ROG. And how come you are assuming that these issues in my unit are related? Well have you tested my phone. No. So stop assuming.

  • I have digged through your topics and it's quite clear you have issues nobody else has, running apps I just tested worked absolutely fine for me. You have been trolled by your trashy reseller in india.

    You have been scammed and now you give ASUS fault for something your seller did to you, bravo. Instead of complaining about non existant problems, how about you go to your dumb seller and let him hear your complaints about how he sold you a phone that has been modified and is unsuable for your needs instead of spamming the forums with your b.s.

    It's quite clear you have been dumb enough to get scammed and now I'm laughing my ass off.

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    The only problem i have is just the black crush. It's really annoying tbh and such a big wiener-schnitzel fcking deal for me. Can't even watch anything properly on this phone.

    Hope the dev is smart enough to shut everyone's mouth from talking shit constantly about it in here. Damn i'm tired and i hope my comment doesn't aged like a glass of milk.

  • Legit you speak so many facts, I'll keep cheering on

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    Very alarming. And the issues are more prominent in developing countries where asus has cut down prices and it would only make sense to use substandard displays

  • Easily scammed user who blame asus for buying modded rog 3 talking about alarming. Oh the irony

  • Forgot everything else, let's just fix simple slow charge, or else my battery was so hot each time I charge killing my battery!

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