Kunai Gamepad 3 analog stick not reaching corner

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The analog stick doesn't reach the maximum travel. It's just travel in circle. This is bad for game that has a fully controller support like bully. I cannot run because the analog doesn't travel enough to the corner. I already calibrate the controller (i saw the tutorial from asus official youtube page) and it does nothing. Is there any solution ? Thanks




  • @Gustav_ASUS here's the video. So the analog doesn't reach a corner of the square. It needs a sensitivity settings via kunai gamepad itself because i can't do that inside the game. I tried a game called "bully" for the example and everytime i tried to move on the corner, the character is walking instead of running. Well it's not technically a problem but we just need some analog sensitivity setting via armoury crate so the gamepad and it's really helpful for every game. Thank you for replying me. Oh by the way about the 8 directional d-pad. Make it more sensitive because i should push the button really hard to make it 8 directional. Hope you inform the dev to fix it. Thank you

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