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None of Smartphone companies provide bug free software experience. But other companies except Asus provide software update very fast with custom UI. & Asus can't provide a stable update with clean UI within three months .

Go For Realme Devices.......... Or OnePlus or sumsung.💪


  • I guess issue is not in brand, but in your expectations. When you wanted great HW for very low price, something needs to be cut off. You may proceed anytime with another phone with similar high end parameters with 20-40% more expensive and you will got more and better customer care.

  • Samsung didn't released for S10 serie and just released for S20 much more expensive and one year younger.

    Asus last year is been quite fast comparing to other companies.

    Realme or OnePlus? I've heard quite some users complaining about bugs...

    I was happy an Asus customer from 5Z and I'm even more with 6.

  • @Anders_ASUS Considering 25 Dec, please be our 'secret santa' n give us an A11 update as a gift😂😂😂

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    @utpal2024 I'm calling you out on your s***. Lol.

    ASUS has one of the cleanest software experiences I've had on a smartphone and isn't filled with duplicate apps - unlike some of these other brands.

    In addition, I get a software update at least once a month.

  • Haters are gonna hate what ever you say just imagine a mod replying to a negative post I don't think this will happen in other forums.

    Even i also got a defective piece which had the motherboard problem and they took 1 month to resolve the issue and when i created a thread for this issue @Anders_ASUS sent me a PM to acknowledge the problem and asked me if any help i want.

    Now it's 1.5 years and i am in beta also with zero issues. If they release stable update you guys will be the first one to create a negative thread trashtalking asus instead of helping them by telling what your problem is and waiting for them to fix.

  • True,Even i faced the issue of memory leak and @Anders_ASUS suggested every possible way to fix it snd finally i got the fix with the update . Even after a year and half there is always a prompt response in the forum

  • I've had my ZF 6 for over a year now & very pleased with it. Will definitely the ZF 8/9 next time I decide to change.

  • Me too. But I hope they'll put back jack audio, I need it...

  • Almost stock Android UI is the one of the best things in Asus phones. Which element is unstable in your opinion?

    According to updates - unless last time when Android 11 is ahead, we had an update at leaet once per month - security patches and some improvements.

    25 updates since launch.

    Android 10 just after Pixel phones.

    Zenfone 6 and 7 are something fresh and new among all other boring devices.

    Please. Stop talking bulshits and better go buy Xiaomi or some other.

  • You may continue whenever with another telephone with comparative very good quality boundaries with 20-40% more costly and you will improved client care.

  • It's been 1.5 years I am using ZF6 and I haven't faced any issues yet...using this brand for the first time, I must say ASUS created the trusted image in my eyes....

    I can truly understand, unlike other smartphones, this phone is having motorized camera and other delegate modules that needs to be taken care of while creating a stable version of A11. But I would request that it's a high time to float the stable update globally as within next few months Google will make a announcement about A12.

    I completely understand that mods are working really really really hard to roll out the stable version as soon as possible but from user stand point the expectations and Curosity for A11 is also genuine.

    Apologies if something said wrong



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