Adding Home and End keys to G14

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  1. System: ROG G14
  2. Battery or AC: Not Applicable
  3. Model: All models
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Not Applicable
  5. Reset OS: Not Applicable
  6. Screenshot or video: Not Needed


Detailed description:

I am a programmer and not having a Home/End key is ruthless punch in the face. On most laptops pressing FN+LeftArrow sends Home, and FN+RightArrow sends End. On the G14 this does nothing at all. Could you please make a keyboard firmware that sends Home and End keys instead of nothing when pressing FN+LeftArrow and FN+RightArrow? It's not going to hurt anyone since these two combinations are not currently doing anything, and this would be extremely helpful for the developer community.

The lack of Insert key and the fact that PrintScreen is between Alt and Ctrl is kinda bumming me out, but I can get around that by remapping keys through software. I can't fix the missing Home and End keys without a firmware update.

Please. :)


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