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I didnt update my rog 2 to android 10 as there were many problems in update.

Can i update now ?

Are problems solved ?

Now is the update stable ?

And what about battery life ?

What do you people think @Anilkumar @Rajat Kumar


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    You can update now as it is available quite a while ago.

    What problems are you referring to?

    Depends on what you mean by stable? Anything specific?

    Battery life depends on your usage,

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    I read a lot of posts here who have many compliants after updating to android 10 on rog thats the main reason i didnt update issues like

    1. Heating during gaming
    2. battery discharging very fast
    3. low benchmark scores
    4. airtrigger issues
    5. Random restarts
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    You can always upgrade now and if you have problems and cant wait for an investigation of the issue to be resolved, you can downgrade back to A9.

    Personally, I dont have these problems, so you will get mixed messages on the above.

  • If you warranty period is left and you can put your phone to service center for more than 1 months then upgrade to A10. I. Will recommend that why to upgrade to A10 what will change in. A10 little bit changes in UI and all the things are same as A9.

  • I have no overheating or battery life issues, my only issue is random lockups. I have to press the home or appslist button & re-enter the app. It isn't often to be terrible or anything, was much worse for me prior to update. The previous update did have overheating & battery issues. Latest update thats not an issue.

  • A10 is a risk. Some people have issues, some don't. It feels quite random. So i wouldn't take the chance if I were you.

  • I am not upgrading to A10 because I don't have spare phone to use and second thing now my phone is out of warranty.

  • friends, the temperature difference between a10 and a9 is only 3-5 degrees. Friends who say they have problems in a10 probably have been using the phone for a few years. Unfortunately this is not a software problem. a hardware problem. The "qualcomm pm 8150 ic" jeep is unfortunately short-lived. and this is not ASUS, this chip is used by many phone manufacturers. this is a qualcomm issue. We usually use this phone under heavy game and so on. And after a while we get automatic shutdowns, black screens. If you replace that jeep with a new one and even use a10, you will see that there is no problem.

  • Few years? This phone came out last year my man! A10 isn't stable, that's it. I literally solved every problem reverting back to a9. That's not hardware. Hardware persists whatever the software.

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    And if it is software, it should happen to everyone including myself. It is a ficious circle for everyone :')

    I wonder how many of you will be charged for replacement if you went back to service centres after your warranty is over, when before the service centres said it isnt a hardware issue.

  • I think it is different case for everyone....some says its fine for them the other having issues...however for me, I am having certain issues especially battery which getting better after last two updates .49 and .65, but not as good as A9

  • I have ghost touch issues with A10, so i downgraded to A9, So annoying when gaming .

  • How to downgrade as I'm sick of this A10 updates

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