ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • If this is the case. Releasing an ROG 4 without even fixing the ROG 3 black crush issue. Someone should sue this company for selling defective products. Selling products which having a misleading info about it. If your selling something, adverstising something, it should be waht you advertise, in this case the amoled screen they advertised. Not like this. This is cheating, lying.

    If ordinary people can have this power to sue and go against this company for lying and cheating about their product.

  • Of corse they will release Rog Phone 4 without fix the Black Crush issue. The cant fix it because this is a Hardware problem. The only can try to minimize it with software. That it is a Software Problem is only the wish off some user's who wont believe it that it is a Hardware Problem and the phone wont getting better.

    Rog Phone 4 will sure not be bad an some guys will buy it because it's super specs and if they are lucky the arent any issues and if not then they are issues. This risk is at every phone. Only thing asus should to is to offer return the phone and get money back.

    Due the misleading advertising this is what every company do. Read the descriptions from other Smartphone's. is normal, they want to sell someting. It's the same in all products. Cars, Drinks, Games etc. Only way to avoid this is stopp believing at the advertising. Wait for serious, neutral test's and then decide if you wanna buy something or not. There are a lot of youtuber's who mentoined the black crush in they tests.

  • yawn so many clueless people claiming its a hardware issue makes me so bored at this point

  • That is because you HOPE that it is a software issue. Mate 20 pro had problems that the black turns into the green. also every body telling its a software issue but it was hardware.

    If you believe it is software, so then you also believe that asus can't fix it since the release. So if you believe this i wonder why you bought an asus phone.

    The guys from the software do the best to minimize the issue. But Displays issue's like this are always hardware problems. but its like talking about corona some people are still sure it is all fake.... so until the get it...

  • I think the problem here is there is more gray color 5-0% gray to black but on the last 5 lowest those gray color doesn't have any difference at all just the brightness of it I think now the black doesn't blend properly because there is no gradient in it.

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    I tested different AMOLED screen on color grey to black and on Rog 3 I can see gray to black but no no difference on color while on the other phone with amoled screen on 5-0 it shows just black.

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    If the problem can be solved by that app screen balance, I'm 99% sure it's all about a bad calibration of gray. The fact is that black crush is not the only issue, also the colours are bad and screen balance cannot touch these.

    Asus is not updating the phone from 2 months, so discussing about this is completely useless, just wait for December and March updates, then we will see.

    And don't expect people will buy the rog phone 4 if the 3's issues won't be solved, the 4 maybe will even have additional isssues...

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    Have you ever heard this : every hardware needs a good software. Not sure what definition of software is to you, but ROG 3 has adequate hardware but not the best optimised software for that respective hardware. If you can understand this it's good for you or else you can be as you are.

    So if you say it's a hardware issue can you explain it technically. I hope you would have already done your research.

  • You need to stop talking out of your ass. I already explained in detail what is causing black crush with a demonsteation on how to replicate the exact thing on an lcd monitor. People like you bore me quite a bit 🥱

  • I watched your video around a month ago that's a pretty good demonstration that how 'gamma thing' effects the display,but is this asus team capable enough to fix it or they're too proud to take help from people like you?

  • So~~I don't care!

    I want to ask again and again!

    Where is asus, Where is the solution.

    If it can’t fix , ASUS has to explain it, not you!

  • Maybe the devs are in isolation.. suffering from covid ..waiting for the vaccine to fix their issues first 😂

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    because for them, especially ROG Phone users in developing countries like Indonesia and India, buying ROG Phone brand phones is like showing their social class, like iPhone user right?

  • Its difficult for the dev team to do anything as they dont have any way of controlling the display because of pixelworks software. The devs need either pixelworks to get their shit together or they need from pixelworks some kind of access to the software.

  • Either pixelworks pushes a fix or give access to their calibration settings as currently its a binary file which also seems has a signature which means even modifying the binary file you will get a boot issue.


    The devs make a workaround so that 3rd party devs can disable the software and implement kcal/klapse and use that to control the display.

  • I just wanted to say,I agree with EVERYTHING you have said,also I've seen that video of yours,now I know how it works,sort of

    Anyways I'm waiting for the Green tint issue fix on the newest iPhones lmao,then we'll see if it's hardware or software... they'll be like OHHHH APPLE OPTIMIZATION NUMBAH 1 blah blah smh

    People are inpatient,the camera is fine,the screen is fine the battery is fine,the software is fine it's not like it crushes every single day smh

    There is always room for improvement but fortunately I have the freedom of upgrading to the Rog 4 so I don't really care about the cons of this one

    But wait for the update that'll be released and we'll see what they have prepared for us

    And from my experience,black crush doesn't affect gaming,or atleast the most played and popular games like Pubg and Genshin impact For example

    Other phones have screen issues too like the iPhones and one plus so don't blame Asus

    Blame pixelworks

    Everything will be

  • Asus should be blamed. We have paid and bought it from asus. Even if pixelworks is behind this we have not bought the phone from them. Its asus' responsibility to do whatever necessary to fix this any way possible. At whatever cost.

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