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I have some issues with my standard player. . It plays videofiles great. (I did not test with other format, or other videofiles that is transferred to the phone) but what i did try was that I transferred some mp3files via bluetooth from my computer. That worked great. And i was able to Play the MP3 files from my bluetooth folder in Storage folders. . The Strange thing is . . IT stoppes working. . From one moment to another.

Then the phone just said : No app to Play this file. .

I Would like to know why this had happened. . I have even reset my device to try this over. .

If someone knows why i could Play the MP3 files at some point, and also why it stopped working i Would be graceful. .

I experience this at a lucky time . . If this had happened for me during a concert it Would be a fatale technicle errors.

I Hope someone from ASUS can answer to this thread. .

Thanks in Advance. .


  • Which firmware are you on now is it .99/.110?

    Are you sure this was never happened on previous firmware version?

  • I think this issue is with Google Play Music, it was the default android music player that google used to ship. Unlike Samsung or Xiaomi, Asus does not provide its own music player at present. Asus music app was discontinued back in 2017. So when you play mp3 or aac or m4a files from the file manager it is played with Google Music. Except recently google has discontinued Google Play Music in favor of YouTube Music, which is a very bad move according to me. Since Asus has still not bundled YT Music app and Google Play Music is not working anymore, that leaves your phone with no app to play audio. Which is why this is happening. You may download YouTube music app from play store but that app is nowhere as good as Play Music.

  • Its on Android 10 version . . I reset to factory and it started with 10. I think IT came Android 8 originaly. .

  • I think i Will look for a good player in Google Play.

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