Aeroactive cooler not working.

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As shown in attached picture, says that it's not aeroactive cooler, when it's came with the phone, was working for a week then started doing this. It won't light up when X mode is active but it will pass through for charger and headphones.

Any help would be great as I love to keep it on the phone for a stand and to grip the the phone and the obvious cooling it.


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    Sorry about the late reply. This sounds like a hardware issue so please get in touch with your local ASUS service.

  • Hi guys,

    It same problem I got after update FW 17.0823.2009.99.

    If I plugged the aeroactive cooler 3, the error shown. I explain some condition after the error shown:

    1. I put charger at charger port on cooler, it will charging the phone normally.

    2. The RGB light didn't work.

    3. Earphone jack didn't work.

    4. At armory crate, it still can activated Xmode level 3 but the fan didn't work/rotated.

    Could you release the new FW to fix this problem?

    I have been used this cooler for a month without problem until the FW update installed.

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