Headphones type c not working

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Hy guys, is it normal that my brand-new zenfone7 does not support hoco type c headphones? ..this is annoying


  • I've just tested mine with a pair of wired type-c headphones and them are working fine. Either your is broken or your headphones does not support type-c for playing ( if them are bluetooth phones and you try to use them in a wired fashion...like for example Sennheiser 450 BT does not support type c playback, only charging...and wired playback is via 3mm jack)

  • Not all USB C headphones have a built in DAC. It will only work with those who have a built in DAC

  • I bought a Type c to 3.5 mm adapter, because I have a really good analog headphones, however there is a notification which says the adapter is not compatible, is there any way to make this work?

  • There are different types of dongles, despite all looking the same. I can't post videos for some reason but check out https://youtu.be/Ly-bSBHOSIo

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