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Why when i take a selfie in any social media app the quality so low are there any solution.



  • In third party apps the "selfie" camera uses the wide lens sensor, which is not as good as the main one.

    Only the Asus Camera app can use any of the sensors in selfie mode, so for now the solution is to take a photo with the Photo app and then use it in third party apps.

    It would be way better if the "selfie" camera was the main camera in third party apps instead of the wide lens one...

  • Take a picture with the asus camera app is usefull however when doing a video call it is impossible. The quality is horrible for a flagship device. It is worse in every third party app than my redmi note 5 pro, a 3 years old device below 180euros.

  • Exactly, I used it in photography in a lot of apps. The main lens imaging is somewhat excellent. The wide angle was very terrible. Please find a solution to this problem.

  • We use the wide view camera in selfie mode in order to prevent too much build up of heat. The main sensor gets too hot if it's used for video calls. This is just the way it is and there's no way around it.

  • Is there no way to just use the wide angle for video mode and the main lens for photos? Not everyone does video calls frequently.

    Doesn't the main lens get hot when recording 4k60fps videos?

  • @morenomiguel1986 you are right. The choices Asus made are ambiguous. Moreover when you limit user choices you optimize at the maximum ( Apple is the best case ). Asus limits and does not optimize. Sad

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    I did some tests with GCam video record mode. I recorded 2 videos in selfie mode : one with the asus default setting, the ultra wide sensor was used and the second with the main sensor.

    Both was about 15mins long. And what i've to say is :

    - Quality of ulra wide sensor video is bad : exposure and contrast is weird, and noise reduction is to high.

    -Quality of the main sensor video was better in all aspects.

    -There was no noticeable difference between the 2 records in temperature of the camera module.

    -The main and maybe only reason i guess Asus did his choice is to have a large field of view in selfie camera mode.

    I think Asus should add a setting to choose the sensor used in third party apps. I don't know how hard it is to add this sort of setting because it's maybe related to the kernel, but i think everything is possible if you try to do it.

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    @Anders_ASUS Are you gonna answer the questions here?

  • Exactly this!

    The reason that it gets hot may be true. But the fact that you can actually use the main camera in video calls if you select the rear camera in the third party app and then flip it up using the Asus camera tool (of course the image will be upside down) to circumvent this limitation, makes the reason rather moot.

    The average user probably wouldn't realise that it is the indeed the wide camera just zoomed in to 1x unless it was pointed out to them. But given the plethora of video callers/live streamers out there, you would think that if they did know/realise, then they would prefer to have the main cam or at least have the choice of either using the actual 0.6x wide or main cam in selfie mode.

    Please consider letting the user have a choice (with an appropriate warning if needed) in a future update. Surely this needs to be discussed with the devs as there would be a lot of demand for it.

  • In selfie mode of third party apps, the wide angle cam is actually zoomed in to 1x to match the focal length (fov) of the main cam. You can't even use the 0.6x wide angle in third party apps at all (except gcam ports of course).

  • Yeah but you said

    "The main and maybe only reason i guess Asus did his choice is to have a large field of view in selfie camera mode."

    When it's not a larger fov.

  • Yes, i said that.

    Try by yourself, you will see that at a same distance and same aspect ratio (16:9 like instagram or snapchat) that the field of view is larger with third party selfie than main cam selfie.

  • Okay it's just ever so slightly larger but it's still digitally zoomed in from the standard 0.6x of the wide angle. It's certainly closer to 1x of the main cam than the 0.6x end that the wide angle starts at.

    Anyway, we're both on the same page that Asus should give the user the option. I really hope they listen, if they're even reading this at all now.

  • As much as you I really hope they will do something. This device could be very good with minor improvements here and there. For now it's a disappointment.

  • DId the Zenfone 6 have the same issue?

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    @Anders_ASUS Are you gonna reply or just play ignorant/dumb?

  • I think he's not playing ignorant. I think Asus told him to give us that answer. There can't be only this overheating sensor reason. Even if it could be a real thing, it is so somple to display an alert message to the user that the sensor is overheating...

    Conclusion : Give us the choice to use main or ultra wide sensor. Or third solution : optimize the rendition of the selfie camera with ultra wide sensor.

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    Should we raise a petition or something so they listen to this?

    I would gladly accept using main camera sensor at my own risc for videoconference and social media.

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