Rog phone 3- receiving calls issue

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Please fix this problem via firmware update.

Not able to hear receiving calls unless it's on speaker.When not on speaker,Can not hear other person but other person can hear me over the phone.

Going to settings and adjusting the call volume doesn't seem to work either.


  • Sorry about the late reply. Do you have the same issue when calling via IM apps like messenger and WhatsApp?

  • I'm having the same problem , when I receive a phone call , i can't hear anything unless I call back , it's very weird

  • Hello All

    I have tencent version of asus rog phone 3, I'm facing an issue regarding incoming calls, it works fine sometimes but most of the times I can't hear or speak anything, the call is received but doesn't work, can anybody help, outgoing calls are fine, only the incoming calls have this issue, can somebody help??

  • I am having same problem. It's not acceptable from asus to have such kind of basic problem in a flagship level phone. I am very much annoyed. Anyone with any solution?

  • Hi Folks

    I'm using tencent version of Asus ROG phone 3 and having incoming calls issue. I can't hear other person voice, the problem is only on the incoming calls, I have no issue on outgoing calls. Is there any workaroud or fix for the problem.

  • I have the same issue on the same Tencent version of Asus ROG phone 3 (12GB + 256GB) in Australia on Vodafone.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

  • I had the very same issue when I first got the phone. Sadly, the only way for me to get it fixed was to do a factory reset and go through all the trouble of logging back in to apps and restoring my data on the phone. Nevertheless, it worked after that. So after the factory reset, test if the phone works, receiving calls, receiving messages, internet data, etc. before you restore your apps and data

  • As I can't post links, I've included the links in the attached text file

    I managed to resolve the issue by manually updating to the latest firmware (17.0823.2009.98), by dowloading from the link at the bottom of the page in Link 1 (attached file)

    then copying it to the root of my phones internal storage and rebooting, as detailedin the instructions in Link 2 (attached file)

    I've been running the latest firmware for nearly a week and have not encounterd the issue (or any other problems) since updating. Hope this helps others to resolve their issues

  • Same problem here. Can't hear anything (recipient as well) when receiving calls. So disappointed.

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