TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



  • same issue my bios version is 309 and the cpu frequency still stuck at 0.78Ghz

  • I got my fx505gt last month 2020. I played valorant with 250fps+ and after a month of use, I notice that my fps suddenly decrease and even when I just surfing the net, my laptop is laggy an stuttering. The cpu frequency stuck at 0.79 ghz. I updated my bios from 307 to 309. After the update, my laptop's performance went back to normal but then, after 1 day of use I noticed the new problems:

    •longer time shutting down

    •some games capped at 30fps (which I played before at 60+ fps)

    •valorant stuttering and very low fps

    •autocad is not smooth

    Im hoping that the asus team will fix these issues especially the fps problem in apps ASAP.

  • I updated my bios from 308 to 309 and noticed some problems:

    -Fans noise while doing nothing

    -RGB lights not working

    -Low fps in game

    Since the 307 bios update I have been experimenting those problem.

  • Try this

    1. Turn Off Fast Startup:

    Fast startup was first introduced in windows 8. Now, This is one of the core features of Microsoft windows which is helpful to boot even faster. But, This cool feature can be a reason shutdown problem for some older PC or laptops. So, When you face any shutdown issue in windows 10 or 8.1, I suggest you to turn off fast startup temporary. Here are the instructions to do it:

    • First of all, Press Windows + X from keyboard and choose Power Options. But, If you don’t see such option there, You can navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Power Options.
    • Now, Click on Choose what power buttons do.
    • Then, Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.

    • Now, Uncheck Turn on fast startup (Recommended).
    • Save the settings and restart your computer.
    • Check, If it fixes windows won’t shut down properly problem.

  • I'm so thankful for this post.

    I was starting to heavily worry that I may need to look into replacing a semi new laptop. My laptop became super choppy and slow and could not run anything without tanking in performance. So for those who are having problems that are speed and performance issues I would recommend finding this original post and giving it a try, after I tried it my laptop began to run super fast again with no performance issues

  • Hello, i've updated my bios to 309 but still have the same issue. My fps suddenly decrease and start to stuttering on every game i have, sometimes even under 10 fps.

    I've tried to disable the service that this forum gave but still, nothing change.

  • Hi everyone. Just an update. After nearly 3 weeks of updating to BIOS 309, my FX505GT-BI5N7 performance has returned back to normal. Armoury Crate and MyASUS is working like normal and no issues whatsoever. No issues when playing videos games. It's still unfortunate that some people still experience issues with their laptop and I hope it gets fixed very soon. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this post since the beginning.

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    Same issue on FX705DT after bios update I have lag/stutter on what used to be a smooth machine., my bios version is 315. I emailed them anyway and hopefully they'll get back soon with a fix. Disappointed, my first gaming laptop. It was fine before the bios update.

  • I have bios 315 on a FX705DT still has same issues

  • i suggest you open a new discussion and explain your problem with your model. I opened a new discussion with a different problem and got an answer within a day. good luck!

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    It'ss exactly the same problem as this and the same remedy fixed it. I've opened a new thread but no replies. At end of day it's bad bios update. Have to wait for a better one, untill then, this remedy works for this model too. This comment might help others with my model. It helped me. Thanks for your input 👍 I'll update this with any progress.

  • Hello everyone.

    I would like to know the status of the problem. Checking my computer I have the problem of when the battery drops below 30%, the computer becomes super slow, and the Intel video card comes into use at 100%, without having anything open, only on the desktop. I have not wanted to update bios 309, because other users report problems. My laptop model is FX505GT. I would like to know if you are aware of this problem. My bios is 307.

    Thank you!

  • i had the same model as you and i had the same problem before the bios 308 update. and after a small research it was because of the power saving settings. after the bios 308 update the laptop was moving slow every time even in stand by. but now I suggest you update to bios 309 and other updates via MyAsus app, because everything its more otptimized. the laptop works perfectly after i made all the updates

  • Hi Guys

    I noticed there is bios 310 update i want to know any feedback and whether to update or not

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