ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Quite interesting to see how the HDR technology seemingly causes black crush.

  • Who are you buddy? An ASUS spokes person? Not even a mod! You've got no business with whatever devices I use. I've been watching you from the beginning, got nothing to do other than defending this asus team by posting random issues with defective units. Try to accept the fact that asus messed up and you invested in this substandard beta device.

  • Yes they are not even replying.

  • If u still have warranty, u can request to replace a new phone. It should fix u problem.

    Thank you

  • New issue now... Refresh raye sometimes can't be changed and the settings menu is grayed out... arre asus ... Mar gya kya be ???

  • subsub Level 1

    This happened with me too only twice but still it happened had to restart to fix it

  • I have a funny suggestion

    Cant you guys ask samsung to calibrate screen for you guys

    Yes, samsung have some caveats on their displays as well but as i was also an hard-core samsung S and note series user before rog 3 and also have OnePlus and apple devices in my family , i can say samsung does it better than anyone

    Just a funny suggestion

  • Dont know why Asus bothered to give the macro cam. It takes worse pics than VGA module and focus is a mess. Waste of space and lens. Then this display issue. Refresh rat sometimes cant be changed even if I want to.

    The MODS may be high and drunk from getting so much criticism. Whereas oxygen os is giving features based on customer request... ASUS cant even still fix the basic persistent irritating bugs yet. Atleast these Idiots should confess they are giving up so that Before my warranty ends and its too late I can sell this and buy the 8T.

    Never EVER ASUS Again !!!

  • just go and sell your rog 3 before it's too late. they already started cutting the price.

  • How is it asus fault that you're 2 dumb to use the macro camera?

  • Dr. SushPDr. SushP Level 1
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    Well my patients and colleagues could surely testify for my dumbness mr. Nightmaster...Apart from being a doc I also am a professional stock photo contributor in the international editorial market. My work has been bought by many customers from various countries across the world.

    But all things apart.. I didn't say i dont know how to use it... I meant its quality is too poor to have any significance.

    Saying that, could you please guide me on how to use it properly so that i could get better quality out of it... Since I had my standards set from the hybrid macro cam of my OnePlus 7T ...which took better macro and had better focus too

  • I really don't know where your problem is, learn how to use your camera and you'll have no problems making good shots. All images are not edited in any way and are slightly lowered in quality due to google fotos compression.

  • In my case gcam takes better detailed shots with 4x magnification than the normal stok cam macro. And if compared 7T took better ones too... I will upload samples later as currently i dont have the 7T with me.

  • And mr night...whatever... I doubt if youre real master of anything at all... Next time just focus on your device issues and direct your hate speech towards the company if you have to... Not towards each other.

  • DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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    Not only did i demonstrate that the macro camera is quite decent but also your incompetence of using it.

    Enjoy the humiliation.

    mr. self proclaimed doc

  • 😂😂😂 self proclaimed... Nice one...never mind... I will ignore your incompetence in understanding the English language. This is not a social media so please stop blabbering.

    And could you please upload real pics taken by you... Same pics taken with gcam 4x and 7T macro and then compare their qualities. And then we all might enjoy my humiliation together.

    I am not here to prove my degree or expertise..just my issues with my asus device. This is the 3rd time I am saying that.

  • DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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    "I doubt if youre real master of anything at all"

    "I will ignore your incompetence in understanding the English language"

    nuff said. I literally just have to quote you to point out the hilarious behaviour you're displaying.

    Also the fact that you imply that those macroshots aren't made by me, which infact they are, just proves my point. Get competent using the macro cam, mr. incompetent self proclaimed doc :)

  • Son you got personal first by saying I am dumb and dont know how to use a macro cam. i dont even know who you are... And never directed anything to you directly prior that. Why are you deviating from the topic. You want to see who I am search the registry of medical council of India.

    About the issue... Are you asus spokesperson... You are a nobody... You want to settle oir difference meet me and we will see whos who. I never said you didn't take the pics... Just comoare those with older gen 7T and Gcam ... How much does asus pay you to suk their balls. If you are even a bit wise and have anything to do other than this in your life please stop this here.


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    Never mind nightmaster. He is covering asus tracks for long. Not just the balls .he does the other part too. It's some hidden company policy to embed their minions amongst us probably. Macro cam is not even close to gcam and OnePlus macro performance. Even I haave the exact problem.

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