ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



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    @Gustav_ASUS and other mods.. we need a fix crush issue. Enough is enough!

  • We need a fix for the graying out and loss of AMOLED CONTRAST at higher brightness. Also a popup keeps appearing repeatedly saying Asus launcher has stopped. Screen refresh rate alters automatically sometimes.

  • push...........................

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    I would like to buy this phone, but it has too much issues and asus is taking a long time to fix it and we'll see if they finally solve them. This is embarrassing

  • push...........................again

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    now my phone is getting random flash where my whole screen has a weird green tint and it only goes away if i lock and then unlock my phone

    it is real frustrating ASUS please let me return my phone i dont want to keep it anymore it sucks and my friends phone which cost 1/3 my price works better


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    I don't think this issue is going away anytime soon on OLEDs to be honest

    Even 60hz OLEDs have reported tints,black crush and other issues

    iPhone is considered the hallmark in many cases of using quality hardware components so there goes that and remember that it only uses a 60hz OLED

    And you can see similar display related rants on almost all manufacturer forums now whether it be samsung,oneplus or someone else

    Samsung FE has touch related issue (from launch which was a few months ago) for example and it's quite widespread and the phone isn't cheap by any margin

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    But again Asus should try their best to decrease black crush as far as they could,a curious explanation by one of the member here about pixelworks involvement seems plausible too

    Asus is atleast trying (better then what some of the other OEMs did) and we don't even know if tuning the display has a limitation or not

    Hopefully watch out for the next few updates,a minor change in postive direction should be a welcome move too (many did report some improvement in display after the recent fotas)

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    I have samsung s20+ with no issues, I have iphone 12 no issues at all, even if you're happy with ROG-3, plz don't support this incompetent asus team by comparing this product with some defective units.

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    You must be one rich guy to own a rog 3,s20+ and iphone 12 all at the same time and to say all 3 have been launched a few months apart in 2020 itself

    Not that anything looks fishy here 👀

    "Defective units" that term is very ambiguous

    It can extend to a certain batch but OLED issues are universal whether it be a samsung panel or lg and no it's widespread on both samsung and iphones (it was present in previous iphones and samsung phones too)

    But calibration matters and all OEMs have their own calibrations

  • Who are you buddy? An ASUS spokes person? Not even a mod! You've got no business with whatever devices I use. I've been watching you from the beginning, got nothing to do other than defending this asus team by posting random issues with defective units. Try to accept the fact that asus messed up and you invested in this substandard beta device.

  • Is this what you guys call black crush issue? If it is i think we need the refund! It doesn't matter software or hardware bcs on ROG2 they still not solving some issue they say still in investigating but then ROG3 came out but still on the same issue at ROG2, so now ROG3 facing black crush issue? I think we need the refund seriously and i will go to the seller tomorrow to fight this case. Its fcking expensive fhone tho! Here some of the black crush issue on youtube and mobile legend, CODM, Netflix also got but forgot to screenshot. I need a replacement or refund immediately ASUS! Too many your customers complaining on the same issue as i am.

    Mine in QKQ1.200419.002.WW_Phone-17.0823.2009.99

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    Lg g8x's 60hz OLED is messed up too 😔

    Saw many complains after people bought in Flipkart BBD

    Has tint and black crush

    Lg said it's a "normal phenomenon and they won't replace" plus the phone is an year old and lg won't do anything to "fix" it

    Know a guy with s9+ with black crush issue too

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    True that's none of my business neither do I care about what devices you use the situation just sounded a bit "inexplicable" to me

    Why have 2 android tier 1 flagships and a top tier iphone

    And again none of my concern

    Now back to the question I researched a lot on this topic looked at different community forums,reddit groups, telegram groups and the consensus was there have been many complains by users regarding the same display issues so was just stating that it's not something that people face only here,yes the intensity can vary true due to different calibrations and if you own a different phone with no issues as stated here by some people good for you but that's not denying the fact that multiple people have the above said issue (there are many with rog 3's who say they don't have black crush and tint too so there's that)

    Zentalk is just one of the many places where you interact with the community

    And yes Asus should work on this and from what I read from the mods they have confirmed further display related improvements multiple times

  • I dare asus team to give similar statement. I remember last statement was couple of months ago stating that 'the issue will be addressed in future updates' is this some kind of joke?

  • And if you still call this ROG device a premium tier 1 flagship! Give me a break

  • You can find mod replies in individual threads that have been created here

    But I'm positively affirmative that mods said future optimisations will come

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    The key here is some units where as in the case of ROG 3 majority of units are affected your saying is correct that asus is doing something but other than mods no one from asus has come forward to address the issue officialy we all know the issue because we have bought and even though its a defective product but people are still buying coz the issue hasn't been officially addressed

    I have seen you defending asus at everyone one of your comments u love the company or whatever that's totally upto you but we have been scammed in the name of flagship that is just absurd

    I will never ever buy another asus products and suggests other same i just want my money back i hate this phone and everyday using it is the reminder of the money i could put and bought a better phone

  • Mods are formal ambassadors for a company,they basically represent a company

    Who else do you want to come forward?

    And sure I understand it's your money and preference

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