How can I check if Spectrum is stifling my internet speed?

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  1. System: AiMesh Wif-Fi System AC1750 RT-AC66U B1 2 Pack
  2. Model: RT-AC66U_B1


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Firstly, I can’t find a Zendesk category for ASUS Wi-Fi Systems, so hopefully someone here could help. I would like to know if I can check through the ASUS admin if Spectrum is providing the 400 Mbps I’m paying for, and if they are stifling my speed at certain times of the day. Is there a way I check that, either through the ASUS router admin, or some other way?

I’ve been having issues for the past month with intermittent internet speed from Spectrum, to where it will get so slow it will affect business meetings - video chats pausing, etc. They’ve repaired a bunch of lines outside the house, including a split wire up on the poll. I’ve exchanged 2.5 year old Spectrum modem and router for new ones. Now they say the internet connection coming into the house, along with the modem, are working fine, even though I’ve continually had internet cut out or slow down. Finally a Spectrum rep told me their routers are garbage with lots of complaints, which is why I bought this ASUS mesh system.

On my HP Spectre laptop, when I check my internet speed on 2G in the ASUS router admin> Adaptive QOS>Internet Speed, I get between 145 - 186 Mbps – it says it’s using Ookla Speedtest. When I go to (Ookla), I get anywhere from 13 – 20s or 30s Mbps on my HP Spectre laptop and usually 30s – 40s on my Samsung Galaxy S9. Why the discrepancy – why is not showing the 145-186 speed on both my laptop and phone?

When I test 5G, I’m getting 232 in ASUS admin, 126 on laptop, 188 on cell phone.

Multiple Spectrum reps have told me I should be getting at or near the 400 Mbps on both 2G and 5G (depending on where I am in house). The numbers above I’m testing in the living room where the modem and router resides (I have my node router in another room). Last time Spectrum was out, the tech tested the speed from the modem, through his device, and was getting much higher speeds at or near 400, possibly even over 400, than I'm getting on any of my equipment. Even my Roku TV hardwired through ethernet is only showing between 55-65 Mpbs. Spectrum tech said, oh every device is different and the device may not have the right wifi card or something like that. That seems like a complete BS answer because our laptops and phones are only a couple years old and how would any business or home function if slightly old devices wouldn't read Spectrum's wifi correctly?

I’ve read about internet companies stifling speeds, so I want to know if Spectrum is doing this to me, and if so, what is the fix to get them to give me what I’m paying for. Thanks for any recommendations.


  • Also this might be a dumb question, but can I use Spectrum's router as a 2nd node router for the ASUS mesh system (hence we would have a total of 3 routers in the mesh system then - 1st main ASUS, 2nd ASUS node, 3rd Spectrum node) ?

    Obviously the Spectrum router wasn't working well as a main router, but possibly using as a node router could help extend my wifi network even better and allow ethernet connection in another room if needed. Thoughts?

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