Air Triggers won't disable + Messages

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edited December 2020 in ROG Phone 2

I just want to report the following issues with an additional "Tutorial" on how to fix those.

What was the Issue:

  • The Air Triggers were always on at lowest preasure level. Ingame, at lockscreen and also on home screen, even if I disabled them.
  • Starting any game would cause an has stopped working message to show up.
  • The Air Triggers also didn't work in games even if they were always on pressing those wouldn't do anything.

So how to fix it:

  • Go into your Phone Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> See all Apps -> Game Genie
  • At the Top Right you will see 3 dots. Click on them and uninstall updates.
  • After that restart your phone, start any game with x-mode on and start your air trigger
  • It will show you a new Setup for Air trigger and everything will be fixed


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