ASUS TUF Gaming FX504GM suddenly stops and no power not coming back.

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  3. Model: ASUS FX504GM
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last month my warranty period end. and in this month it stops suddenly and no coming back. Service guy says CPU shorted. I've to replace my motherboard. But, there is none in bangladesh as they know.

As FX504GM perform really bad and hit up so fast, i'm already fade-up. But, after this i'm speechless.

Pls, suggest me what should i do? As it cost me 106000 BDT(2 years back) i just couldn't through it away.


  • Hello alammahbub,

    Sorry I'm confused.

    So... the motherboard was changed or not?

    it was changed and the problem persisted?

    Please refer to below link for our service center in Bangladesh.

    Thank you.

  • They said CPU sorted, i've to change Motherboard. And motherboard is not changed as they said it is not available in Bangladesh.

  • Hello alammahbub,

    May I have the RMA no and I can track or review the case?

    Thank you.

  • I asked them for the RMA no and they said as they didn't receive my product for repair there is no RMA no. But, instead they said my product serial will serve the purpose.

    ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 , Gaming NB , Serial Number : J8NRCX01D09432B , Purchase Date : 2018/10/04

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Hello alammahbub,

    I can't find any repair record of your device.

    And Bangladesh service center should be able to repair it.

    So you send your device to service center? not bring it to service center yourself? is there a mail tracking number?

    Which service center did you send to?

    Thank you.

  • They test/diagnose my device while I'm waiting in there service center(ASUS Main service center: Global Brand Private Limited, 65, Lake Circus, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1205) physically . As they think it is not curable or, replacing motherboard cost same as new device. So they didn't receive my product(for repair officially) and instead they suggest me to buy new device.

    every time i ask a question to ASUS support center

    Asus support center of ASUS website just send me automated reply that starts with "CUSTOMER Service feedback ..."

    I'm feeling cheated by ASUS(to be specific importer of ASUS product Bangladesh). I'm helpless. As it seems they don't care about customer, if the warranty period exceeds. And this is not the first, there is many examples like my device. I don't know how ASUS operate in your country. But, in Bangladesh that second or third party is more interested on sailing new product instead of servicing. Some says that's the company policy!

    Here is my mail: [email protected] from where i submit my problem through asus support center. If you have that much of access pls, check my mail.

    My English maybe not in your level. But, i think you should get my message by reading. I'm really sorry about the comment above. I believed in ASUS once, but not after this case. I just lost my most valuable asset in a blink and they don't even care!

    Thankyou for your response.

  • Hello alammahbub,

    I see. Sorry that our agent did not explain to you clearer.

    your device is out of warranty, which means you would need to pay for the repair.

    according to your description, and also the simple examination that our agent did, the motherboard is very likely to be broken.

    Motherboard is the most expensive part of the device, so the repair fee could be at similar price to a new device.

    That's why the agent suggest you so.

    However, if you insist, you may still ask the agent to send the device to the factory, to do a complete checking, to find out the root cause.

    If there is another way to repair, it would be great.

    Any repair fee will be informed to your first before conducting that repair action, so you may decide whether to accept it.

    Thank you.

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