Android 11 Update For ROG PHONE 2

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Android 11 Update, When will come for ROG PHONE 2.


  • Probably never.


    Thank you for the query.

    Android 11 update on ROG Phone 2 will be shared and announced as and when ready.

    Stay tuned to release notes section.

  • you are right bro according to me asus is working on android 4 bugs not on 10 . when globally android 15 will launch then asus will give android 10 bugs fixed. so lazy and worst company having third class operating system with third class processor,

  • I have no complaint with hardware but the quality control department seems to be the core of issue of people facing the restart issue. Every other customer is being asked to visit service center in the middle of a pandemic and worst we are forced to go there because most of users warranty is going to be over so we are forced to go to service center during this life threatening situation. They just dont care what customers say anymore. They just keep repeating "visit service center" for every issue we face and tell us its hardware issue. Why are every 3/5 people facing hardware issue? Its like 80% of people in this forum faced this issue and all have to visit service center and most of them have a new issue after getting their phones back from service center.... Only few people have their issue fixed and rest of them are still complaining and no one is there to help them. I feel helpless none the less we could not do anything except blaming asus as of now. If someone has resources and time to go to consumer court, feel free to message me. I will 100% support the person who is willing to go to consumer court regrading these issues. Asus got the worst quality control department ever for a smart phone manufacturer. That is a crime to sell product without quality control check and can be stated in consumer court. I have had enough but i don't have a valid reason to go to consumer court because on A9 my device works great but to those whose issue is not fixed and asus is asking money to fix your device, you can report to consumer court and message me. I will vouch for them and make asus pay each and every one of us.

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    Zenfone 6 will be the first Asus phone to get A11 stable followed by Zenfone 7

    Expected dates:

    Zenfone 6 - By mid november (already got 4 A11 betas)

    Zenfone 7 - By November end (2 A11 betas as of now)

    Rog 3 - beta program should start either in November or December

    Rog 2 - stable expected by Jan or Feb, beta program by December end maybe

    This is just my speculation tho actual timeline may vary but one thing for sure is the order for stable 11 will be

    Zenfone 6

    Zenfone 7

    Rog 3

    Rog 2

  • Thinking if I should buy or not the ROG 4.. depending on the support of my ROG 2. Software is amazing (Pixel-stock style), that was the reason to buy it, but now I need some support by Asus. I can accept updates each 2 months, but it's time to have a bug-free/mature A10. I would like to see as much in Dec the A11 beta program, but let's see...

  • I just saw what ZenUI 7 looks like and it’s great, the animations of the interface are great and look even more like Android Stock. I hope this update will be available soon (even in beta)

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