To the devs about the black crush issues caused by banding

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
edited December 2020 in ROG Phone 3

Hello dear ASUS devs,

now I had the courage and time to root my phone and look into the issue and guys, I feel ya.

The implementation from pixelworks is utterly garbage and give you literally 0 control. I know you guys are trying to make some sort of overlay hotfix but it just won't cut it. I know you cannot just remove the pixelworks feature just like that, due to possible conflicts with upper management however what I think would help is an easy way for either devs / users with rooted phones to disable the service, maybe through some sort of config file, build.prop w/e. I've tried to get rid of it causing the boot process to freeze and tried to disable the service after boot which would cause a black screen so it's very deep in the system process. All I ask for is to give us the ability to disable it without having to do a stunt and let us then fix the screen ourselves with k-lapse or KCAL implementation in our kernels, as I can see your hands are absolutely tied due to pixelworks extremely locked and unflexible solution and it doesn't seem they have any intention of making a proper recalibration anytime soon.


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