Do ROG 3 strix editions get OTA updates

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Does anyone definitely know if a ROG 3 strix edition CN Google Play store flashed with the global version will get OTA updates or not. My firmware at present is WW 17.0823.2007.32. . I only just purchased this phone so I am keen to know because evertime I try to downloaded a firmware version manually I get to the notification part (after the restart) it just says update failed


  • PavPav Level 1

    Short answer for now is No.

    They were originally for a specific country hence why they're flashed with a different ROM and won't get the OTA updates.

    People at XDA might be able to fix that in the future but don't hold your breath.

  • No. If you have a device meant for the Chinese market that has been flashed with global ROM, you will not receive FOTA. It's recommended that you contact your reseller about a refund.

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