Upgrading a VivoBook 14 F412D

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I saw that one of the options of the VivoBook 14 F412D is for either an NVMe SSD or a laptop SSD, or both. It came with a 256 GB NVMe, a space for the laptop SSD and a connector for the laptop drive. I asked in an earlier post what size NVMe the system could take, and was told that 512 GB was the largest that had been tested. I decided to push that envelope, and added the following:

1: a NPY CS3030 SSD - an NVMe 2280 SSD, 2 TB in size

2: a Sansung 870 QVO 2.5" SSD, also 2 TB

3: a ribbon cable for the laptop drive.

I am pleased to state that both drives work quite well. I partitioned the NVMe and installed Manjaro Linux, and the laptop drive as bulk storage, formatted as ext4.

The only other upgrade I'm contemplating is replacing the one replaceable 4 GB stick of RAM with an 8 GB, but the current 8 GB RAM installed is quite sufficient for linux.

So, if anyone is interested in upgrading their VivoBook 14, the F412D, at least, will take that size NVMe.


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