TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



  • Yes i did. It fixed the issues. After it says restart a notification will come just click restart now, make sure it's charging or it won't work

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    Go check MYASUS. Update for BIOS 309 arrived

    After Update: During the process of updating to BIOS 309, my laptop turned off(is it normal for laptop to shut off after BIOS update?). I powered it on then it shut off again. I did it the second time and it turned on as normal. Everything seems to be back to normal EXCEPT MyASUS. MyASUS is loading very slowly. It even closes during loading. I have to open MyASUS multiple of times to get it to work as normal.

  • i think the struggle its over boys. BIOS 309 arrived, just updated via MyAsus so i will come back later with feedback

  • I just update it and now I can't open MyAsus app

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    Hi All,

    Just updated to 309 and my 505gt is working fine atm, but will still need to check through the day.

    Clicking the update notification or any other way seems not to work on my end, my laptop just shuts down. The steps I did is as follows.

    When you update, you have to go to MYASUS and do not click the update but instead you have to click the software update panel then click Bios and Firmware then choose EZ flash or in my case I used the updater for Windows. Download the app then, go to where you downloaded the 309 bios updater app, execute the updater then it'll do its thing. Wait as it restarts and goes to the Bios update.

  • can i you please tell me if those services should be enabeled after the BIOS 309 upgrade? are they relevant?

  • @Blake_ASUS

    Just updated to 309, enabled all the ASUS services and seems to be running properly again. No lag or stutter when navigating WIndows or when gaming.

    But when I shutdown my laptop doesn't shut down. I have to long press the power button to turn off my laptop.

  • hi even i was facing the throttling issue and temporarily used throttle stop to fix my issue from about a month or so , the new bios seems to have finally released I haven't disabled any services as such is it recommended for me to upgrade bios from 308 to 309 or is anyone facing any major issues?

  • Thank you very much sir. You helped me a lot appreciate it!

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    Just wanted to add my experience - I received the update, it appears to have corrected the problem. The only problem I am seeing now is that MyASUS seems to take forever to load, or doesn't load at all. Thank you.

  • Simply go-to MyASUS a new bios update has just been uploaded, it'll fix to the current stable one automatically after downloading. Restart your computer(it'll tell you to that as well).

    New update name:


    Available on all your laptop, just sign in to MyASUS.

    No need to do extra work!!

    Have a good day )

  • Hello everyone. The truth is that you need to know the official solution from Asus. Today after reinstalling clean windows, and installing the programs that Asus technical support gave me to install. The Armory Crate does not work quite well, it throws an error screen to open it, sometimes it does not allow to adjust the keyboard lighting, and also in turbo mode it does not set the fans to the maximum. So far I have not had problems with performance, but I am afraid to update any driver. Nor have I wanted to update the Nvidia ones, because I'm afraid the problem will return. Asus Colombia technical support told me that they have no open case on the subject and asked me to send my team by correspondence to review it. Which I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the laptop. Rather, it's the Armory Crate or the Asus-derived programs. Please wait for a definitive solution to this problem. I know it takes time to make an update, so I am patient, but please come to the final solution.

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    MyASUS is taking a very long time to load after updating BIOS to 309. Latest version of MyASUS is V2.2.49.0.

  • Hi,

    BIOS 309 has been released, please kindly check.

    If you are not using FX505GT, please kindly open another thread to discuss.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @Blake_ASUS. I have already reported my problem before, I have an FX505GT. I have not wanted to download the BIOS 309 yet because I see that some users are still reporting problems. I'd like to see if this first solves all the issues that have been reported in this thread. Thank you very much @Blake_ASUS, please inform us here if downloading BIOS 309 is the final solution, or we are still waiting for the solution you are working on.

  • Hello Zaeta,

    BIOS 309 is solving the performance issue... and seems like it really solved it...

    And for other issue...so far from our record it is not really caused by the new BIOS.

    There seems to be MyASUS issue cross model recently, and we are working on that.

    Thank you.

  • Hey guys i updated to bios 309 it fixed the performance issues but my keyboards rgb lights are still aint working any ideas

  • I updated the last BIOS to 309, and I already noticed some Issues:

    1. Aura creator isn't working, it detects the keyboard, but the software doesn't allow me to use this device. Just allow me to config the tuf mouse, then I can only apply basic light efects to the keyboard using armoury crate illumination feature.
    2. Armoury Crate isn't working properly, it isn't showing the GPU and CPU statics correctly, GPU an CPU frequency and using are missing.
    3. Aura Sync doesn't detect the keyboard to sync it with the mouse.

    I can't believe i'm facing this issue using brand-new laptop.

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