Zenbook UX550GE Touchpad problems

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It's been a year and the touchpad is stil jumping all over the place after some times. This happens more often when the laptop is plugged in or when I am holding it on my legs. I must say this is the worst touchpad that I ever had. Even when it does work a little bit it's still hard to use because you need to move your finger slowly.

I am guessing it's still a grounding issue because it has to do with the electrical curent going through the case. What I saw in other threads people are saying exactly the same thing. I asked for the Asus service a year ago, they said that they will pick up the laptop for repair and never camed. This laptop is so sleek and it has such a good performance but the touchpad is an epic fail for a company as Asus, their indifference is the problem. Up to date drivers and bios drivers STILL DOESN"T FIX THIS PROBLEM.

My question for you Asus after my first year with this FAULTY product: What can you offer me in exchange as a fix or a solution so I can continue to buy your products?



  • Btw the price was around 1200 euro. And the touchpad after 1 year jumps on the screen. This problem was reported by so many people. It is so bad that when you travel you can't use your touchpad which is insane for a product this expansive.

  • Hello rosca,

    The device needs firmware update in the factory.

    Please kindly send your device to service center.

    Please share the RMA number of you case and I can better track it for you.

    Thank you.

  • Nu such thing as a firmware update in the factory. I already tried with Asus support. Just send me the update via PM if it exists.

  • Hello rosca,

    The update can only be performed in factory.

    Where do you live or which service center did you contact?

    was there any RMA number or case ID I can try to trace the record?

    Thank you.

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