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I bought zenfone 5z in oct 2018, got pie update in January 2019 as asus promised and now some reports suggests that Android Q will be excusive for 5z users first & we get new zenui 6 with that update in 2019 only but what about after 2019 will the software development for 5z gonna end in this year only?

Two major software updates in one year is awesome but will be there software development for 5z in 2020?


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    Not sure about the next Android version or zen ui 7.0 of what u are talking about

    But yes will will receive security patches for 2 yrs from the date of lauch of this phone.(means 1 year more).

    Now just hope for the getting Android Q and zenui 6.0 soon and that also bug free!!

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    Asus has came with only Android Q beta program for Zenfone 5Z users and if anyone interested can update to it. Note that it runs with stock beta android in this device.

    Asus is in plan to release ZenUI 6 with Android Q stable for this device and it will take some more time to get released. it is right, Android Q will be the major 2nd update as per their promise to this device and it will not the end as however, they are gonna release Monthly or Bi-Monthly updates(Security patches along with bug fix if any reported by users) for some while even after stable Q is released. So you can hope for updates for some period of time from Asus.

    Further, if Asus think to release other major Android update post Q stable, it is all on their hands.

  • Every phone is getting 2 or 3 big updates so android 10 or 11 will be the last update of 5z and UI update are not part of the big updates because its a skin layer over the stock version. Mostly its only 2 big updates but i've you are lucky they make it to 3 updates.

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  • Hi

    We have not finalized anything around 5Z beyond Q.

    Security updates of course we will continue to FOTA, for at least 2 years of the life cycle. It doesnt not mean we will stop immediately after 2 years however.



  • @CH_ASUS what about zenui 6 when we are getting the update here in india? We are waiting for that smooth stock like ui ^_^ . Kindly at least give us a tentative date.
  • Hi @marshmello820
    As replied in the other thread, any changes to the UI / functionality of ZenFone 5Z will happen with the Q update.
    And at this time we cannot provide a timeframe for when Q will land on 5Z - except the indication that internally we prioritize ZenFone 6 first and ZenFone 5Z second in the upgrade to Q.

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