ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • Tag Pixleworks on twitter and maybe mail them, they too are responsible for this.

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    big brands ASUS can not solve this problem, shame on ASUS

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    It's understandable if a perfect update for the black crush takes time... But there's no fu**ng response from the mods or dev team either. Only the frustrated users complaining around.

    Please fix this issue above Asus. Enough !!

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    not in accordance with reality

  • No one's going to say anything about this ??😭😭 PLZ Fix this ASUS... We dont need buggy 144 hz. 90 hz is practical enough but quality is the priority.

  • Не один блогер не сказал об этом когда делали обзоры на рог 3 .Гавнюки

  • Not a good look for Asus. This could impact them really negatively in the future if they don't do something. It's one thing to have a problematic release, we all remember the exploding Samsung phones, Samsung was very vocal and active with addressing that issue though (admittedly it causes enough of a buzz they kind of had no other choice but still), it's not a big deal to have issues but it becomes a huge deal if you aren't activity working on a fix and being transparent about where things are at with that fix. This radio silence from Asus is very unfortunate.

  • I really hope they aren't just betting on this not having a major enough impact to allow for them to ignore it untill people move on. If they'd just give a more active response to how things are developing we wouldn't need to speculate like this...

  • Look guys, if ASUS doesn't fix this before or with the release of android 11 for ROG 3... If they dont step up by then we might have to... Just don't give up and stay united. And also give ASUS some time in the meanwhile.

  • push...........................

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    Till now i have stopped atleast 5 people from buying Rog phone 3 they all were very exited for the specs but when i showed them my phone and they saw my display they even removed the phone from their consideration and bought other brands. Good way to go ASUS. 😂

  • Good too posted everywhere on social media about the worst display of ROG 3.

    Good going Asus!

  • As I just wrote in another board:

    I just bought ROG 3, mainly for the "great" display, but I was left very disappointed. Since day one I started seeing heavy grain on white and gray backgrounds which have a magenta tint in low brightness (0-30%). The grain is visible very easily even at 60Hz. Setting up a higher refresh rate, makes the grain even more noticeable and magentish. This grain problem is way worse than the "black crush" (which my display still experience), because the whole screen looks like an aged film photograph. I am very disappointed from this phone. There was no change after updating to. 99.

  • hello

    I just changed my front screen wallpaper with a black wallpaper, when I slide the status bar icon black so weird, it happens when I lock the device keep opening it and slide the status bar icon, you can try it yourself on your rog3 and try to shift the brightness of 0% -100%, if you want to see clearly, try to bring a dark room, is this normal or amoled built-in?

  • You can't use the screen recorder, because it wouldn't capture any screen issues. The screen recording will look perfect.

    You will need to use another camera to capture any issues with the screen.

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    wasn't the mods saying that asus figured out the issue and will give as a firmware update to fix black crush in October?!

    where are the mods now?! can any of you just show up and say anything about the matter? hiding and trying to escape is not exactly helpful and not what you are supposed to do!

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    asus ignoring the issue and slowly expecting everyone to forget, at first they were at least addressing the issue in the updates now the issue is not even mentioned even though we got .99 update but we don't know if it even had a fix we just assumed it did. ASUS being a bad brand did not even come forward to say even a single word on the issue. This is killing the trust for the ROG franchise including their pc components as well.


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