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  1. System: ryzen 7-4800h, rtx 2060, and 16gb ram 3200mhz, windows 2004.
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: ASUS TUF A15-506IV
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Everytime i'm playing some games
  5. Reset OS: No

Screenshot or video: ========================

Hello, I have this computer for only 2 weeks and while playing some games i have huge fps drops.

Every 5 min they goes from 144 to 30, this for 30sec, and then they go back to 144 and are stable, i don't undersand what is the issue.

I monitored with afterburner and it is not a cpu issue because the temperature is ok and the gpu temp is ok too, but when i have the fps drop my gpu clock stuck at 1005 mhz and usage at 99%.

I come here for help, i saw some people with a problem near to mine so i hope someone will be able to help me here, thanks by advance.

I have this problem in multiple games like overwatch, minecraft, control, but in rocket league i don't see any problem, this is strange.

I bought a cooler pad to see if it can change anything but the issue is still here :/

I tried : Update windows ( had this problem with update 1903), Multiple power changes in nvidia control panel, différent power modes in Windows (i'm on high performances), changing settings in games, undervolting with msi afterburner, nvidia drivers updates, bios update (newest).


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