Optus / Telstra carriers Australia VoLTE support



  • No VoLTE/VoWIFI in the UK either.

    Not sure how many phones are sold here, but so what. I can't imagine there are less than in Norway and they put carrier stuff in for them. C'mon ASUS give us VoLTE/VoWIFI.

  • I’m happy to test for Optus Australia 😄😄😄😄

  • Reminiscing of good times 😢

  • I'll test for Telstra if that helps, Asus?

  • Still here finger crossed hoping for some good news😅😅😅😅

  • Guys, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I didn't mean it like that. 😀

    I'll keep asking internally, but that's all I can do for now.

  • Hi @Gustav_ASUS thanks for your reply we in no rush before Christmas is fine 😀😀😆😉

  • PavPav Level 1

    The guys over at whirlpool forums have updated the list of officially supported and unofficially supported devices for Telstra VoLTE.

    Would be great to get Asus phones onto that list of the BYO devices especially as they keep taking bands away from 3g as there's so many devices that support 4g in the list. By 2024 the 3g network here is going to be completely shut down.

    Can't post a link but if you go to the wiki just search Telstra VoLTE.

  • Would be a great Xmas present @Gustav_ASUS

  • realistixrealistix Level 1
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    Has there actually been a reason for not adding VoLTE? I'm getting major HTC vibes from the responses here. HTC said exactly the same thing almost 3 years ago. Then they sold off their phone division. A company looking to actually break into markets or at least get a footing, would no doubt jump on every common feature as they could. Samsung is going to eat up every other phone manufacturer if a simple PHONE feature (like VoLTE) is too hard. The ROG name sold me this phone, expected the best of the best, all I read is issues. At least I know my PC is safe atm without any ROG equipment. I'll just avoid it, plenty of competition. Just my opinion.

    Edit - Still curious whether phones sold in Australia, from Australian sellers, put on Australian carrier plans do not support VoLTE. If anyone has a phone from JB or Hervey Norman Etc, would love to know your thoughts or experience.

  • PavPav Level 1

    They do not have the settings in the ROM for our telcos VoLTE as I honestly expected it would.

    3 years from now you won't be able to use your phone as a phone if they don't add the settings for our telcos.

  • My phone is from JB Hi Fi and does not have VoLTE. I would say all Australian released ROG phones would be the same.

  • I can test VOLTE on Vodafone - if its going to be available, I'll buy the Rog 3. At the moment, without VOLTE, I cannot justify selling my S20 Ultra

  • Surely it cant be that hard to bake in VoLTE support for Australia into the next firmware release.

  • PavPav Level 1

    They could add it in a few minutes as it's just a line of code added to the ROM.

    Would definitely be a big selling point for a lot of people in Aus.

  • Probably your carrier refuse to provide support to niche gaming phone. Yes, it is just adding a few lines of code, but if anything wrong with VoLTE, the carrier has to provide support. I also want VoLTE as well, so I bought another phone with VoLTE support. ROG Phone 3 will remain as gaming and media phone.

  • PavPav Level 1

    Telstra in Australia allow any phone maker to put the code into their phones, It's up to the phone maker if they want to spend 5 minutes putting it in the ROM or not.

    Years ago is when Telstra would only allow approved phones to access the network even if they had the code in the ROM but those days are gone because all the current apple, Qualcomm ect chips support it without any issues.

  • So really no excuse not to put it in the next update!

  • @Gustav_ASUS Any updates on your end. Is this something the devs are willing to look at?

  • Hoping someone responds to this with good news.

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