Battery Drained 100 to 80 percent in two hours (no used)!



  • If all these suggestions dont work, you should get a new Smartphone Asus

  • Update; It did not worked, the screen still takes more % than anything else. Also note that a good chunk of the battery consumption spent is not described in the list

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    That 11 hours screen time in your previous screenshot is how much time you spent on screen in a charge cycle. If you charge 80 percent or less, screen time is accumulated and doesnt reset.

    This latest screenshot is more reasonable as you have probably charged over 80 percent to reset your SOT.

    1 hour 30 minutes on game plus on top of that Wifi scanning, background syncing, any apps that you have running the background would accumulate to your SOT while using your phone. I have not taken into consideration of using 120hz refresh rate, X-mode during your gaming.

    The OPs issue is different. He charged the battery to 92 percent and dropped to 75 percent in 2 hours with apps not bring used. Whereas on the other hand, you have been using the phone.

    I will be honest, your battery usage looks normal to me as the numbers add up and I would go ahead in doing battery calibration if you are still unsure. On the battery menu, press on the battery to show the graph and the battery usage, if you take a screenshot of that, I can try and help you (if theres anything I can think off).

  • As said in my earlier comments, it is not really the same related issue, but I do see a anormal battery consumption compared to 2 weeks earlier (Screen never took so much % before), here's the requested graphic

  • Update, since my last comment I tried something, it seems that "Data saver" reduce my battery consumption by a lot. Since the last tweet I lost only 3%. Will see if it fixes it in the long run!

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    Hmm, out of all the options, I wont have thought about data saver. I don't use data saver, but I will turn it on and see if it affects me.

    Maybe OP has the same option on too. Just never know.

  • Before the post really I tried that but the issue is the same.

    When you say "try restarting device" you mean a factory reset?

    Always I turn off my phone when I need to charge, I do normally when the battery is between 30 and 20% and disconnect between 80% and 90%. Each two months, I calibrate my phone battery.

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    Do you have data saver on like @sordeliel? If so, I would turn off data saver to see if it helps.

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    This is today, I charged my phone up to 92% and 4 hours later is at 73%. I used my phone only for a few calls.

    In my case, the data saver is off.

  • What is a few calls? If you talked for more than 2h with so so reception, then I'm not surprised to see a 20% drop. Considering that you've also had some app working in the background using a lot of WiFi. The problem is that Android stats doesn't show everything, it tells you half of the story which makes it hard to read even for us

  • 10% per hour of being on call? Dude thats straight up battery stealing if you ask me. For me it's 7-8 percent every hour with location off and that's decent battery life. Not the best if you ask me

  • I mean 3 to 4 calls of 5 minutes in each one no more

  • i think same issue as what i am experiencing. battery is draining and phone is warm/hot near the vent side even on idle. i had a lightning cover but system lighting is disabled. Does screen refresh rate makes your phone warm? i tried it on 60 90 and 120 and same result even on idle. draining is evident.

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    Going through the menu on my phone to see which options can be turned off:

    Here is another one under Developer option - Wifi scan throttling

    These are only guesses now, so feel through to ignore.

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    Thanks, back to the drawing board.

    Edit:// Did you say you did battery calibration too?

  • So, I've done all of the above and looked with the data saver, didn't worked very well.

    Now, this is the first time I see this, I use Droidcam for meeting call on Zoom for maybe 2hours, but overall is really weird.

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    one quick question.....

    How long does it take to charge your rog phone 2 from 1% to 100% with 30w charger?

    from what Ive seen on internet, average of new rog 2 phones charges from 1-100% in about 1hour 40min (30w charger)

    but it took only 50mins for me to charge from 1-100%....

    also it lasts unusual long when playing a youtube video continuously (1 hour 20min+) when indicator at 1% before it shuts off

    and during charging battery, if i keep charger plugged after it hits 100% for another 50mins, then unplugged it, that 100% lasts longer by same, playing a youtube video and it stays at 100% for more than 20min before it starts to drop to 99%

    then 99-80% drain pretty fast, then drains seems reasonable from 80 to 1

    battery calibrate doesnt seem help, no difference at all,

    I feel like my battery has degraded (20% lesser capacity) in less than a year, I have been taking care of it since new until today, no charging during gaming, keep battery temperature below 37c, keep phone temperature below 41c during gaming. charge battery only between range 30-80%, and my battery still degraded at abnormal speed in less than a year

  • This 1% thing and 100% for an hour thing happened with me as well. I think battery hasn't degraded as much but the software is somewhat faulty in portraying right battery indications.

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