. 87 Bug update Issues list

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Issues arising on Pro M1 on. 87 system update.

I observed no issues on. 84 update but when updated to. 87 observing below issues on daily basis.

1. 🔋 - on. 84 update when fully charged to 💯 % 🔋 is discharging almost 2~5% overnight but when updated to. 87 update battery is discharging almost 15~20% overnight in idle situation. Also when using phone for general use it is getting discharge ~more than 20% which I didn't observed in. 84 update.

2. Receiver sound 🔊 - while talking on call, dolby like sound coming out rather than normal sound. Anyone can hear it standing away.

3. System UI / Apps unstable behaviour - in idle situation System UI not responding, While using apps for 5~10 min Apps don't respond.

4. Network unstable behaviour - When connected to WIFI / mobile network, speed is slow, the apps or page or mail account, Apps do not get refreshed quickly, takes ~10 sec to load when connected on any network. Sometimes nothing works automatically mobile network gets disconnected when connected continuously for more than 15 min.

5. Heating -. 84 update phones is as cool as normal temperature should be. On. 87 update even on idle condition 📱temperature is warm as it feels when 📱 is picked up. When using 📱 for 5 min it heats more than normal usage. Heating - Middle backside panel, all edges & when used continuously for more than 10 or more min or on call for 2~5 min whole 📱 heats a lot than normal heating.

6. Call disconnection - call gets disconnected automatically if on call for than 5 min.

7. Unstable behaviour + slowness - sometimes📱 do not behaves properly. Slowness issue facing, all functionalities of phone becomes slow. Gets hanged in between.

Troubleshooting done - All these things are also observed when using it under safe mode, no change in behaviour of 📱. Reseted the device, clearing cache of apps everything done one thing after resetting is even I can't open apps, when opened apps it closes automatically. Battery started draining more than listed above. Battery is calibrated. Every issues on hot list & new issues observing.

Asus has bugs in this. 87 update & that they are not fixing it. Also all discussions are closed without giving proper solutions.

Please assist on this on better way on permanent fixing of issues. I'm now waiting for favorable reply from someone from company & not from moderators or other people. Attaching SS.



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