TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



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    I reinstalled windows and the problem is same.

    Does the solution you are giving affects it in other ways?, like will i be able to use keyboard lights and how will cpu boost(in charging ) if the service is disabled?

    and i am sorry if this question does'nt make any sense

    edit-- exactly, whats the problem of all this??

  • I don't believe resetting computer will fix any of the issues. I've reset my laptop x4 and the problem still persist. If you disable those ASUS services in System Configuration, it makes some functions not working correctly in MyASUS. Armoury Crate still function as it should be. RGB Keyboard lights still works.

  • I am having the same problem , but can’t seem too install the 308 bio I have downloaded it of website but can’t seem too get the wizard too pop too install it so I can do go turn off those settings everyone is talking about so other bio does not redownload the bad bio

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    It's really disappointing that this topic has not been picked up by any moderators or ASUS members. From my emails, ASUS thinks this is an isolated or individual issue. This is definitely a widespread issue and they haven't gotten any reports about this.

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    Hello all. Just wanted to state I am having the same issue, hopefully someone from ASUS sees this. My system started with poor performance about a week or 10 days ago, I thought it was some Microsoft update issue, but decided to google "FX505GT slow" and it brought me here.

    Please fix ASAP ASUS! I did note the work-around in disabling services, didn't try it yet but might soon if there is no update.

    Thank god I saw this, I was about to start Windows re-installs or system restores, sounds like that would have been a fruitless frustrating task.



  • Hello everyone. I am really very frustrated by this problem. It is necessary for Asus to please get a solution for our PC. There are many of us with this same problem and it is something that should give us a definitive solution from Asus

  • That could provide some temporary relief but if you want those apps to function then you should wait for the asus team to fix it.

    atleast you could work on the laptop instead of suffering that lag.

    I don't find a need for armoury crate and my asus

    (windows performance slider seems far better for me)

    There is a seperate app for game visual in microsoft store thats enouugh for me

    Just incase if i want to check my system then i would enable those services and install my asus application then again undo it.

    The only thing that i cannot use is charging limiter.

  • I wanted to share what I found, the problem is with the power management so if I unplug the cable the computer needs to reboot so I am not using the battery, another problem is with the dual monitor so I stop using the monitor dual, I also try this configuration, this helped me a lot, I tried the configuration with boot option, but i did not sense any better performance

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    I disabled the asus tasks and everything seems to work fine. I almost refunded the laptop. The only weird thing I noticed is grain apearing in some applications like paint.net, MS teams or LoL (The game works fine, sing up screen is glitching). I guess thats because I have disabled some image managment asus task. Hopefully they will fix this issue because it turns out to be quite annoying especially when having microsoft teams classes.

    There were no glitches/grain like that before disabling the tasks

  • can you please let me know the email adress from ASUS. i want to send them a mail also. thank you

  • This is their Official Support Site: https://www.asus.com/support

    Scroll all the way down and you can email or call them

  • What should i select, Complaint Or Technical Support ?

  • At this point, it feels like both complaint and technical 😂. I would do technical first.

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    There's a standalone Asus app that I found on the net. It seems to work well just like the function in MyAsus.


  • Oh my goodness. Finally some good news! I thought we were hanged out to dry. Thanks for passing this on

  • I'm purchased my ASUS TUF FX 505 GT on August and it was working fine till now. Now I'm facing similar issues as most of the users mentioned here

    1. Laptop becomes very lagging every time I return from sleep mode. Even lagging when moving opened panes across the screen.
    2. RGB Backlit won't turn on itself when powering the laptop. I have to manually turn it on using Asus Armory crate or Aura app. Using FN+Key up will show it's increasing/decreasing the brightness but won't do a thing
    3. There is an issue with fans. Seems like Turbo mode is not working. Also when the laptop is lagging, fans won't push up and take control like before. CPU usage won't go to high values.
    4. I wrote a complaint using MyAsus app and waiting for a reply from them
  • Hello, I have the same model and I can attest that I also experienced what you mentioned. I wrote an email to them and they seem to have no idea about the issue so they request me to send screenshots of the issues like screenshots of resource monitor showing a capped maximum frequency or a screenshot of malfunctioning armory crate like mentioned about the fans and keyboard lights. However, I have already formatted my laptop and disabled their software. It would be a major inconvenience for me to reinstall their software just to send them the screenshots they needed.

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