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1. How does Hyperfusion work and will it consume more data?

2. What happens if i accidentally plug in Type-C earphones/charging cable into the colored bottom side port?

3. What are ways to keep the screen healthy? Do Burn-in tests like this actually help?

4. I thought the boot-up animation had sound. Mine is silent and just vibrates.


  • xihexihe Level 2

    1. Hyperfusion use your mobile data when the WiFi is unstable. If WiFi is stable, it will not consume more data. If it is unstable, it will eat into your mobile data allowance.

    2. No idea and I don't even want to try it.

    3. Do not use max brightness. Using max brightness will leave burn in image in less time.

    4. In Settings > Sounds & Vibrations > Startup sound enable it.

  • SaifuddinSaifuddin Level 4
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    2- no type c cables will go in coloured port except there proprietary accessories even if you try it so no reason to worry about it

    If you insert by mistake it wont go in , Just dont force it

  • Yes, that's pretty much what Hyperfusion is and does in a nutshell, but how does it know when to stabilize my internet? Is there a specific value that my wifi needs to reach before my data intervenes?

  • To answer this requires the expertise of the mod. My guess is if your WiFi keep disconnected, low signal, "triggered low speed", mobile data takes over.

  • HyperFusion prioritizes stability, and will kick over to mobile data if the throughput is low enough.

    Wi-Fi is better in most ways, so it's recommended to stay on that if you can. HyperFusion is there to provide a smoother expereience if your Wi-Fi is struggling for some reason or another.

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