Amoled Bleed ROG 3

dquino16dquino16 Level 1
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Hi, I am experiencing amoled bleed when tapping the lock/unlock button on the side of the phone. Similar to this photo What should I do?? help please


  • @dquino16 Can you share a pictur eof your display?

    If it's anything close to the screenshot you posted however, my recommendation is that you visit a local service center and let them have a look.

  • DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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    It's not amoled bleed, you're refering to black crush.

    unless it literally looks like the pictures above, aka if you hardpress even without lock screen it still does that then service center ASAP, but you're probably refering to the sides of the screen that get dark and pixalated if you have the lock screenon certain brightness levels.

  • It is llike this.. i'll comment another if i captured the red - ish purple - ish screen

  • @dquino16 A screenshot wont show us what you're describing - you need to take a picture with another device/camera.

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