ROG 3 suffers from heavy black crush issue



  • I made a thread and video about how it happens:

    It's not because of refreshrate, it's because of shifting gamma levels.

    ASUS is working on it and apparently an update will be coming before october ends that would adress black crush, lets hope and have finders crossed.

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    I don't much about OLED and IPS but this looks pretty bad when you see it every morning. It looks like bad TN panel backlight bleeding.

  • Changing the refresh rate seems to make it better. The ROG Phone 3 has so many issues no flagship should have.

  • Chaging refreshrate changes gamma slightly. This is normal even on gaming monitors, the cause is still shifting gamma levels NOT refreshrate.

    Also disagree with many issues no flaghip should have, only real issue is black crush, other than that most issues are user caused. Not to mention flagships always have kinks. OP8 pro black crush, Samsunsg camera glass breaking, Samsung battery drain (even older models still have this and NEVER get fixed) etc.

  • Sure, other flagships have kinks, but the screen is the most important thing for a phone, you see it and touch it all the time. Yes, I've heard of the Samsung camera breaking, happened to a friend, not me thankfully. Battery drain, I'm ok with, I charge my phone everyday so not too fussed.

    I've been experiencing the black crush issue and this weird auto-rotate not working. These are pretty big in my books. Especially the black crush issue, this should have been picked up during QA, I noticed it within 5 minutes of using the phone, doesn't anyone at ASUS test the phone before its released? Wasn't the prototype used to watch a few videos just as a test? I've had Pixels, Sony Xperias and Galaxy phones, never experience black crush issues or anything I classify as "major".

  • I also black crush issue

  • is there any update about black crush issues???ASUS...

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    I feel like we are already abandoned as not ASUS is saying anything or even the mods are replying. I think ASUS has already started working on Rog Phone 4 and we all can just sit in hope but nothing will change. We all got a crap phone and we have to deal with it.

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    According to moderators an ota with display related tuning will drop this week

    Asus has already said they'll tune the display more what makes you think Rog 3 has been abandoned,it's last update was barely a month ago right?

    Updates have been pretty decent so far

  • @Averan are you talking about .98 or is there another one coming as well I didn’t notice anything in the release notes about display tweaks ?



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    Yep was talking about .98

    I see that the changelog doesn't mention anything about black crush but still "maybe" display has been tuned a bit and they didn't mention in the changelog,this will be confirmed after a adequate number of people update to latest check if there are any changes

  • Few tweaks are not mentioned but you can see diffrence when you use it kindly test .98 version for few days its so early to conclude

    Black crush issue is not totally fixed but it is improved than earlier n team is working on continous improvements on future FOTA'S

    Stay tunned! 😉

  • I checked but there is no changes in screen calibration

  • Between 1:32 to 1:36 there is colour shift from grey to black in this video which is not happening and staying grey only on rog 3 even after .98. Update

    Compare with another amoled and you will know the major difference

    If you notice the bad colour when comparing then comment in this thread

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    By the way I know a couple of guys who got Lg g8x (phone has a 60hz OLED) during sales that had tint and black crush issue too this makes me wonder if this is only present in high refresh rate display or newer phones

    Lg g8x

    The newly released oneplus 8t has a lot of display related complains too :(

  • New update yet no fix for the major issues. Thank you ASUS ...

  • dissagree massively with the battery thing, depending on person you'd have to charge your phone 2 or 3 times a day. That's not feasable and pretty damaging to the battery over time.

    Pixel 2XL has black crush issues for a long time (still not fixed 2020 lmao), Samsung S9 had it for roughly 4 months and Oneplus 8 pro currently has it too. So nothing new here buddy.

  • Could anyone please provide a download link to the new 98. Firmware update please?

  • Hey I just got the phone today. Global version. I can still return the phone and lose 200 dollars. I updated to lated version and notice the blacks are aids. So hard to see anything in low or even high brightness. It's funny how I search to see if it was just me and discover there's thread. To the looks of it , it might be a hardware problem and I don't think this could be fix by software. What should I do, keep the phone or return it and lose 200 dollars out of 1000 dollars I spend. It's pretty pathetic that this is an issue for a flagship phone, even the speakers where a bit of disappointed that the pixel 3 xl sounded a bit clearer and loudness.

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