Is it worth it to buy rog 3

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Hi i would like to ask you is its worth it to buy the new rog phone3 16gb ram or not?

Is it bad like the rog 2 or its doesn't have issues , since I bought my rog phone 2 -1tb edition i had quality problem which after unboxing the phone i found screen deficit on it and no one helped me i sent many emails but am getting same answer like its an auto reply and i faced many issues also camera issue black color issue and battery draining fast issue and the last one is air trigger issue its flicker without even touching it and i tried all the solution in the community but nothing still same issue and when send my phone to service center they told me they can't do anything because i bought it in deferent county what service is that so can anyone make ig clear to me and again is it worth to buy the rog phone 3 or not?


  • Nope buy OnePlus

  • It has problems, yes. Almost the same software issues as the 2nd gen but it is very snappy and more powerful. You can buy it and get warranty service provided you buy it from a trusted physical store. You only had that problem with the ROG 2 because you ordered it from a different country so it makes things more complicated when it comes to repairs and returns.

  • Overall, I think its only worth it if you get a good deal on it. RRP is not worth it for the ROG Phone 3. Yes you get very good specs and its very snappy, however, that is not everything.

    Software counts as well and this is where the ROG Phone 3 falls over. I can live with the auto-rotate issue and some of the screen issues, but it just makes the phone seem less polished and if you paid RRP for it, you got ripped off. I got a very good price for the phone, so I will continue to use it.

  • Dear carven i didn make an order from deferent county i was on vacation on Philippines and i bought the phone from there and i bought it from trusted asus store , i live in Qatar

  • That's the problem, you bought it from a store in the Philippines, so for support and service, you need to send it back to the Philippines. ASUS doesn't have global support for this phone, not even Samsung has that. If it was purchased in a different country, Samsung wouldn't give you much help in another country.

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    I would rather skip any ASUS phone and go for other brand. If you have 💵💵💵 lying around you can surely go for it.

  • Buy Samsung phone they are the best this year, this is phone is powerful but it's almost the same as other snapdragon 865. others phone has better display not grainy, has more features than this. i regret buying this phone because i see the rog phone 2 last year being crowned as best smartphone then they release this even reviewers notice how bad the display. reviews about this phone vs the rog 2 is different level.

  • I love mine for gaming if that’s what your mainly doing. Definitely not the best daily use phone I’ve had with its bugs and lack of VoLTE but it is a gaming phone 🤷‍♂️.



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    I have both the S20 Ultra and the ROG phone 3.

    If you don't consider the price, overall the S20 Ultra is a better phone, it is more polished, screen is absolutely awesome, Samsung is at the top of that game.

    However, if everything is taken into account, I prefer the ROG Phone 3, despite all the little issues I have been experiencing. I got a good price for it and its specs really shows. The S20 Ultra sometimes lags and stutters, but so far I've not experience any lag or stuttering when used the same way.

    This really highlights the importance of software. This is why the Pixel series is so good even though the hardware is abit lacking.

  • Thank you for your reply 😊

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