Tencent version inferior screen?

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So i got a guy who keps complaining about his rog3 screen being bad and kinda blurry. I couldn't confirm this with my phone as even compared to note20 ultra it looks nice and crisp. So we met up and compared each others phone and yeah, his screen was indeed faded out in colors and had some blurryness to it, his is a tencent version mine is gloal.

Is this normal or is his unit simply defective?

Any ASUS mods know more about this? Or any reviewers who had the global and tencent side by side?


  • I'm assuming you checked that every setting was the same for both devices? (Splendid, brightness level etc.)

    We are not aware of any differences between models. If your friend is concerned about his display, please tell him to contact the reseller.

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