Air Trigger automatically touch when I touch back side panel

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Air Trigger of my Rog 3 specially right side air trigger automatically touch when we touch back side of the phone it's very irritating when I play pubg pls fix it as soon as possible please please please 🙏


  • Yea it happens sometimes if we use low level sensitivity and because of high quality hardware , Increase force level of sensitivity and it wont happen

  • Hey raziqkhan030,

    Make sure you are on latest software version which is .78 if not, you can check by

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

    You can try clearing cache of Air triggers from Settings => Apps.

  • @raziqkhan030 If possible (and safe), please visit a local service center and let them take a look at your device. If you choose to do so, please PM me so I can follow up on your case.

  • I am using latest version and also clear chache and now i am facing new problem i order Asus Rog Core Cetra and using Asus Rog3 type c to 3.5 mm connector but it's not working my dongal is not working and it's in warranty period so what can i do

  • Same problem with me, I am in the latest version... It becomes over sensitive again upon peaking up to 50°C.... Had to remove the twin view dock 3... What a waste..

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