Asus zenfone 5z restarting and no network

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From some days my phone started to restart on its own for no reason and each time it restarts on its own the network signals are gone and then I have to restart it again from power menu and after the restart the signal comes back but after some hours the same thing will happen again sometimes happens after an hour or half an hour or some times in minutes and no I didn't dropped my phone nor there's any kind of virus or ghost doing it if that's what you guys are going to say it's a software bug that needs to be fixed and if someone says in the comment but I'm not facing that then you should know many bugs previously showed up on some devices and didn't showed up on others this in consistent behaviour is famous from Asus. In updates and also in bugs 🤦

Please request the developer team to fix this ASAP cuz I didn't buy this phone for testing OS on this phone I bought it to use it as my daily driver so please try na understand

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