Screen broke on first drop

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  1. Model Name: ROG 3, 8gb RAM, 128 gb , india (flipkart)
  2. Firmware Version: latest
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: On


So after a month of black-crush, battery drain, software glitches and so many other problems the inevitable happened . i happen to drop my phone . and the screen cracked ..dead display on its very first drop :( . I should have been more careful. Maybe stopped using the default good-for-nothing case that asus provided with the box and invested on a new shock proof case. i don't think its covered under warranty or is it? i am in distress. If possible can i claim under warranty as i don't think the screen is the standard of gorilla 6 or whatever mentioned.. to be broken in a single fall. i may have dropped my older phones like a hundred times but still display keeps on working fine.

I don't mind paying a logical amount too to fix it but the amount that the asus service center quoted near my place to replace the screen was way beyond what i had i being duped ? is there any official cost in INR someone can help me here with. Thank you.


  • Asus would have quoted something around 15-16k I'm guessing

    Also gorilla glass mostly protects from scratches it does not help in falling situations . And since it's physical damage the service centre won't give it for free so the only possible way is to get it done in the official service centre .

    Did u have a screen protector. It plays a very important role when the phone falls. If you put a new screen then don't forget to put a screen guard it's 400-600 rupees but can save the cost of a new screen 😔

    On AliExpress you will be able to find a few screens for 8k or so but there is no warranty and if u get a bad product then it'll be worse .

  • Same mine drop on a height of a table an display start flickering then black after a minute it has a tempered glass yet it manage to crack the front screen I had to pay 18k just to fix the dammn screen my other phone has lower kind of gorilla glass yet it still healthy even though I abused i always drop it twice or thrice a month, then the screen that I got had 7 deadpixel can't replace it....

  • Same here , screen is worst in every aspect possible both in quality and durability

  • it is impossible that it has GG6, mine got scratches easily after just 15 days and i used it very carefully, i dont remember any of my phones got scratches as easy as RP3 since Samsung S4

  • Check Jerry rig everything video on RP3 durability.

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    I read rog 2 screen cracked easily, so I put case and protector for my rog 3 right away, thick case with good cushion

  • Wish i had done the same :( . I was quite confident i would never drop it or maybe just thought i will get more carefull and learn from my mistake to get a good case if i ever drop it. Never thought the very first drop would be its sad demise. I am a fool 😣

  • Hi,

    Displays come with protection doesn't mean they are unbreakable.

    Comparing to your experience I had a similar one not with ROG Phone 3 but different phones previously. Its how the device falls makes the impact. Maybe 100 falls won't have impact but that 1 fall will.

    I would suggest you to visit service center for better information

    Due to the lockdown, service centers may not be functional. Kindly call the service center before you visit one.

  • Is the fall on the edge? Usually that is the weakest point. If you fall flat, like impact in the middle, that is actually the strongest point.

  • Mine fall flat still made a crack on the screen then half of the pixel on the screen starts flickering so it doesn't matter how it fall it just weak on durability

  • Damn. Now I'm scared to use mine 😂 I already always lay my phone on a table cloth to avoid unnecessary scratches. Now I have to be extra diligent to make sure I never drop it.

  • You should be scared

    I broked mine and now i am scared for the money they are gonna ask to repair mine

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    Mine dropped on the floor with the lighting armor case. No screen crack but a dent on the top right frame of the phone where the lighting armor case got pushed back upon impact on the ground. Height around 1 meter.

  • Asus does NOT cover that kind of damage in their warranty for very good reasons. When it comes to drops, it really depends on how lucky you get. Glass is glass, no amount of strenghening will make it less crackable, only more scratch resistant.

    The screens from Asus are excellent, being huge and having great color coverage so obviously repair won't be cheap. Sadly you have to bite the sour apple and move on. However I can help you in 1 regard, I have borderline Linus hands, My asus got dropped roughly 10 times by now in only 1.5months, however it never broke because I got a flip cover. It protects the phone greatly, same with my Razer phone which i dropped thousands of times and nothing ever happened.

  • Do you need a help? Your screen is broken, PLEASE bring it to our office center. we will fix it. And if you need it this phone as soon as possible, we can offer a replacement device for you. So, you will have 2 ROG Phone 3 phones, so if you drop the one, you still still have one :)

    Regarding the weak screens on ROG Phone 2 & 3, of course we will fix this in our ROG Phone IV (new series) We plan to use gorilla glass 7 for it. So make sure you have them too.

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