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I am a hardcore gamer and user, need a rough and tough phone for gaming mostly. For me performance is the thing which matters the most I had ROG 2 but it broke so I need a new phone, but after seeing the black crush issue on ROG 3 I am scared as I dont want to waste my money and buy defective product. I need help as Im confused between OP 8T and ROG 3. I want ROG 3 but due to bugs and issues, I need help. I want to know how to check (if I buy ROG 3) black crush issue at the store, like check fully.


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    OnePlus 8T isn't even out. How do you even know it is free of black crush issue like OnePlus 8 Pro? And no way is the retailer going to let you open many boxes until you find one that is supposedly free of black crush.

  • I do think if you were ok with the rog 2 screen, rog 3 screen is better. Rog 2 screen I remember has small grainy issue too at lowest brightness, and I do feel rog 3 screen does not have that.

    Also everyday use the black crush issue isn't really an issue, in order to see it I had to turn all lights off in a completely dark room and turn on lowest brightness to really see it.

    Ppl want the most perfect screen bec they pay money for it, but I think for our use case we should be fine, so you don't need to be too worry about it.

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