Goodbye Asus, Its really a shame.

Rog 3, Such a great phone with great specs at low price when compared to other flagships.

Phone was released in August and its October now. The display issues keep getting worse with each update.

Display is the Most important part of a Smartphone, If its not good then what is the point of all the other great features. How can customers enjoy the other great features if the display is so bad.

ASUS, Please understand that customers are not beta testers.

What i know and agreed before purchasing this phone :

1.No IP rating.

2.Average Camera

3.Bulky and Heavy device.

4.No wireless charging / Reverse wireless charging.

5.No Headphone jack.

What is did not sign up for :

1.Heavy black crush issues.

2.Heavy Screen Smearing.

3.Most android apps stutters even at 144hz.

4.Display looks so grainy at low brightness in high refresh rates.

Really sad that i had to return this great device and get refund just because of display issues. Asus seem to have no plans to permanently fix the problems. In the name of fixing this display problem, Asus is practically making every Rog 3 user a Beta tester.

This is such a bad experience, In the future i will have to think twice before i purchase any device from Asus.

Goodbye Asus


  • Exactly same feeling ! We consumers are not your beta testers ASUS. Shame ! A big shame !

  • Goodbye, you won't be missed.

    Sorry to say but there is no high end device without issues. I keep telling people and will still keep telling people this, if you purchase a newly released high end device, there will be issues and you will feel like a beta tester, because that's what you're signing up for when purchasing a newly released device.

    NVIDIA RTX buyers have to deal with crashes on their cards, OP8 users have to deal with software issues and black crush, S20 ultra users have to deal with their camera glass breaking and extremely heavy battery drain and so on, if you don't want to feel like a beta tester, purchase a phone that has been released for at the very least 6-12months and see if there are any issues.

  • We are paying money for performance which we are not getting, we are not paying money for lag and screen issues. Asus is one of the worst companies with fanboys like you to support and encourage them for being lazy. Also we paid money so we have right to comment and complain of flaws of device. You are no one to say that every high end phone has issues, oneplus is high end and in course of month they fixed green crush issue. Apple is high end and they fix issues in days, samsung fixes big issues and mostly samsung phones dont have screen issues. What high end are you talking about?

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    If asus changed to big brand screen, will people pay say $300 usd more? Asus had to have compromised for the price.

    I myself would be ok with 256g disk plus sd card storage, or even high refresh lcd with better color, to bring cost down still with good experience

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    Its his choice selling the phone. You are happy with the smartphone, good for you. And for everyone else this is a forum for raising issues, and share them even if the device is purchased on a presale. It never came with a tag of bad screen like the note 7 didn't came with a tag of being a bomb. Its what that comes after in form of support from OEM. ASUS is/might be doing their part. Some can wait, some don't so they lash out. No harm in that.

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    Note 7 = Bomb... I laughed out loudly on this!!!

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    Then how to put. Calls on fire, self destructing phone, bomb etc. 😂😂 any analogy is hilarious. Guess what, samy might not have had a laughter on this. Thats why we are not seeing bigger batteries on their flagships anymore till now. May be when graphene is out.

  • Calling someone Asus fanboy who keeps ripping on Asus strix watered down garbage VRM boards and asking Asus every time what the *** they were thinking about when making the ROG Rampage VI Apex is hysterical.

    The difference between you and me is that I can stay objective and you can not. As I mentioned in the very post you quoted, not only Asus struggles with a good launch, infact it's very common everywhere. Now lets test your statements shall we?

    neplus is high end and in course of month they fixed green crush issue. Apple is high end and they fix issues in days, samsung fixes big issues and mostly samsung phones dont have screen issues. What high end are you talking about?


    Issue found mai, 5 months later, still not fixed and apple has not the slightest clue if this is hardware or software related. Nor seem to care at all.


    From S10 (released feb 2019) to this date, battery drain still not fixed.

    Glass literally breaking, unfixable without replacing the actual glass

    Oneplus 8 Pro:

    Oneplus "green tint fix", literally making it impossible to lower the brightness to a level that doesn't eyerape. If Asus were to implement this type of fix you'd be the first making a thread here saying Asus is a sh** company for making it impossible to lower brightness level like before to avoid red tint.

    Not to mention punchhole issues (actual hardware defect) and black crush not fixed.

    Hell, Oneplus makes Asus screen issues seem like perfecly acceptable screens:

    You obviously don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about and are completely unaware of other brands issues. You just want to rip at Asus because you had unrealistic expectations. I repeat again, If you want a bug free experience, buy a flagship that has been around for a while.

  • Bug free is other thing and unsuable is other. People phones stops charging, shuts down or even does not turn on and for that you need to go to service center even though this issue is for most of the people. Other thing is i am using oneplus 8 and oneplus nord myself and i have seen changes in their updates, they have improved alot since their latest patch in terms of green tint. Also in iphone i mentioned software related issue not screen related, coming up with samsung phone, i have seen most of recent samsung devices has least amount of screen issues after their latest update. I dont own a samsung phone but i can tell that they have been improving.

  • And all i want from asus is they dont abandon rog 2 because it seems they already abandoned rog 2 sinve rog 3 are getting fixes of bugs that are in current rog 2 A10. I want them to atleast finish the swipe gesture which is in beta for months now since a9. I want them to push regular updates with latest google patch, and all i want them to do is fix the damm sound delay issue while recording. Its a rip off if you ask me to buy phone with such hardware and no power. I used oneplus 6 way before and never had to visit service center 3 times in a month.

  • The google assistant voice feature is not working right for gods sake. Even mods know about this issue and its been months and no fixes yet

  • You clearly havent bothered to read have you now? Their "fix" is a really terrible workaround. GIven the fact that you haven't noticed that your lowest brightness setting is actually around 15% instead of 0 says so much about you.

    Also I don't know about the Rog2 problems since I don't own one. I have showcased with sources how the manufacturers you told me fix their things, do actually NOT fix it, yet you keep going on crying about Asus.

    Also there was literally an update on the 28th for the Rog2 which was a little over a week ago, what on earth makes you think they have abandoned the rog2? Hell Razer users would laugh at you at this point since they are still stuck on A9 and those who have Rp1 are stuck on A9 with security patch from sept 2019.

    You have no clue what abandoned phones really look like.

  • Rog 3 recieveing fixes for issues existing for rog 2, explain that homeboy. Also why are you defending asus like your life depends on it? I have seen the reality and in a few months you will see it too so chillax

  • Razer phone 1 you say? Its phone which is 3 years old from now and rog 2 is hardly an year old. Dude get brains and come back to argue.

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    Yeah, F**k asus for not fixing googles mess, it's also their fault that it doesnt work on multiple phones including rog3. I bet they have sabotaged other phone manufactuers. /sarcasm off

    would it actually hurt you being objective for once? Would it hurt you making research before claiming nonsense?

    It's very clear at this point that maybe it's better off that you get rid of your rog phone and go away, honestly you're the type of customer I'd fire in a heartbeat.

    No, the Razer phone 1 has security patch A9 2019, the Razer Phone 2 (end of 2018 release) has A9 with security update may 2020.

    As I said, try for once reading :)

  • I am a kind of customer that would not take asus fanboy's bullsh*t no more. I used to be a fan for first 5 months but now that i know they dont even care what their customers say, its either service center or logs, when u give logs what do they fix in next update? POKEMON GO!!! Over heating issue and battery issues in latest update (now fixed) after 5 days of suffering from overheating issues and mods asked customers to take their phone to service center even though it was software issue which was fixed later on. I would say one day you will be blamed for your phone getting broken and then dont come here crying because i was just here to warn people, whats going to happen next will be visible to all of us. Go fanboy asus some more and maybe they will appoint you as their new ceo.

  • Whatever you say or do, you cannot change my POV on asus "ROG PHONE" series until i see asus fixing rog 2 completely.

  • Also you are trying to satify yourself asus is better than other phones. I will be waiting to see your reply rot when asus shows its true colors.

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    Never the intention, I couldn't care less what you are thinking. I just want to make sure that people don't listen to your ranting, hence I took the time to debunk all your nonsense so that people don't cause a ranting storm just because a random hater went on a rampage on these forums crying about things he has no clue about. And the fact that you considered yourself a "fan" 5 months ago only applies to the theory that you're an emotional person that doesn't seem to be able to think rationally once they go through you.

    Just a word of advice from me to you, stop thinking with your emotions, try to think rationally. Read carefully what I wrote in this topic and ask yourself if what I wrote actually makes sense. Stop being a fan of anything, there is no company that does everything right, you'll only have unrealistic expectations and dissapoint yourself. When I buy a product I have very real expectations given the company I buy it from because I do research beforehand and know what I get myself into. I knew the rog3 would have some issues at release, my expectations were actually worse than what I got, aside from 2 major issues the phone is working as it should. Also, you might want to consider your role in society, nobody wants to change your opinion on anything, frankly nobody really cares what you think, unless you're a Asus technician.


    Also we have an edit feature here, it's amazing, it lets you edit your post and add stuff without having to spam notifications to the person you're ranting at. You might want to give it a shot.

  • I would vouch on that if you wouldn't call i ranting. I am an rog 2 user and dont actually own rog 3 and you can check out my posts and reply of mods on my posts then you will get to know why i am being super shitty to asus because they deserve it for fake promises to rog 2 users. They say they will consider fixing major issues and new features that we suggest every month but what we get in updates? Hebrew text, pokemon go. Who tf reports these issues!!! There are 100s of posts telling asus major bugs and issues and they still exist while no posts were made regarding hebrew text. I would agree you are trying to keep people from fake news but thats the truth, asus is actually worse than you think. I would leave it up to you to decide to support asus or not but in future you will see what i mean when asus will be on verge of releasing rog 4 which i think will be released in 2021. Imagine getting a phone which is just an year old and getting treated like this. Shame on asus for doing this to us, bought phones with high expectations and it worked like what i expected but in months asus showed that they dont care what we say. First issue i reported was sound delay which got progressively worse after every update and currently this phone has 300 ms delay while recording which is massive!!!!!!! Do not tell me other phones have it because even oneplus 6 which is very old compared to rog 2 does not have this issue. Go see rog 2 forum and you will see why i hate asus and its fanboys. You had the most understandable reply out of all fanboys hence i understand your aim is good, to save customers from fake news but whatever i said wasnt fake about oneplus. I own oneplus 8 and i have experienced the fixes.

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