Bug - No blink LED notification when the phone is charging

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If I have the phone charging the LED is red or green depending of the battery charged, but if I receive a notification the LED doesn't blink to alert that there is a new notification, remains the static green or red of charging LED.

The good behaviour if that the LED of charging is on and there is a new notification needs to blink to alert that there is a new notification.

How to reproduce:

1) Put the phone to charger

2) Receive any notification with LED notifications enabled (ex. WhatsApp).

3) The LED doesn't blink alerting the new notification.


  • @oscarstoja Please check that you have all LED indicator settings enabled

    Settings -> Display -> Scroll down to Light management -> Press the text that says 'LED indicator'

    If they are enabled already, you can try flipping every setting on/off and see if that solves your issue.

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