After the Last update of Asus Rog 2 heating of phone has gone haywire.



  • Please fix this, too much heating. Pubg goes upto 46°C my ambient is 25°C

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    Hi Team,

    Dont know what You guys are doing..... but it seems after the july update heating issue is back..... i was thinking of putting this comment for long time but waiting for the august update thinking it would fix that but it seems you guys are busy with rog3 now..... so posting this..... please fix the heating issue..... and provide security patch updates on monthly basis with fail and dont forget rog 2 users ....

  • Just got my Rog 2 yesterday and feel like returning it today. Heating issue even in normal usage (no games, multimedia), battery draining by 3% for every 10-12 min of normal usage.

    Can we expect a fix on this? Please advise otherwise I'm returning this device.

  • Clean USB port with isopropyl alcohol and a plastic/wood tool with cotton.

  • I can add to this. Been in a video call for around 10min now, this is not how it's supposed to be. The left side metal frame around the CPU is so hot that it hurts when I touch it.

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