ROG 2 Battery Life after update 17.0240.2009.47



  • Same here guys...

  • Yes i am also having heating and battery draining without any reason

  • Latest update makes the phone heat up so much and drains the battery faster, please fix it asap

  • Please read the topics on here guys...


  • 30 mins is okay. But it lasted for 2 hours. thats why its wierd. I used almost constantly for 2 hours

  • Same here. One hour on screen/off screen. 100% battery

  • And of course, forgot to mention that battery dies twice faster than it was before update..

  • Hi guys, I update to latest fota.. what I do everyday is to restart the phone 5x a day and today is the 3rd day. Everything become normal. My experience the phone become better on heat management. I'm using the xmode performance setup that provided on this forum on pubg and codm . Never ever pas the 41c temperature.Before it's around 43-47c. my room temperature is around 33-35c. No acc only ceiling fan.

    Ps/ asus please insert the by pass charging mode on next week update . At least , it is how asus team say sorry to us and we really appreciate with the additional feature.

  • Heating issue , battery drain, little laggy and more I have ....... Disappointed with the update

  • I was having same issue after i updated to android 10 i thought that after few days of uses it will get normal then i waited for updates after update same issue battery drain , high ideal cpu uses and device heating while doing nothing , at last I finally downgrade to Android 9 and all the issues as solved . I suggest you to downgrade to android 9 , and wait for Android 10 issue to be solved then upgrade back to android 10 . After downgrade to Android 9 I am getting around 10 hours screen on time . Much better than android 10 .

  • Same here ,please confirm new FOTA update to fix.

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    For me i found cause of overheating and CPU high after installing/updating app.

    For temporary fix after install/update apps, disable google play store to prevent auto update play store apps..then restart the phone.. it not work if only disable auto update on play store settings. Because google play will update the play store apps on background.

    Keep monitoring CPU freq after doing something like browsing etc...if freq not drop in idle restart the phone

  • Same here heating issue and battery drains like 3000 mah

  • I've been writing this everywhere because no one bothers to read the main discussion.

    Issue fount

    Devs fixed

    Fota this week

    Awaiting cts

  • Even when the phone is not in use, the battery drains like hell, I use ROG 2 as secondary device and barely use it, but the 100 percent charge won't last for 24 hours with just 2 hours of YouTube, this is a serious issues going, Kindly fix this battery drain.

    Android 10 update and new updates have killed this beast device

    @Asus kindly fix this as soon as possible

  • I haven't updated my device yet and by the looks of it I don't think I should be, and I am also angry about the fact that asus is just focusing on the rog phone 3 completely. It's like they have just given up on the phone 2 instead. Many games are supposed to be played on 90fps and here we are still stuck on 60fps. And yes stop blaming this on Google Play services and use your brain to think about it. Even on the instagram page of rog we are just being told to wait instead of being given a logical explanation to make sure we as customers are assured. It's a complete turn of events in a small time. I have no idea what is going to happen in the future but if this kind of stuff continues then it's better to switch your device and forget about this kind stuff instead of paying money to them for their pleasure instead of ours.

  • Between the buggy update and no VoWiFi, I'd say I'm pretty disappointed with the way this is going. I've always loved the products that Asus makes and have been a fanboy for as long as I can remember but this is beyond disappointing. Anyone would assume that an experienced company like Asus would at least perform proper testing of software before releasing it out in the open.

  • Draining very fast as compare before the update

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