Should i update or not?

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  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 3 Global 12/512GB
  2. Firmware Version: 17.0823.2007.58
  3. Rooted or not:
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
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I've actually had the update pop up on my notif days ago but for some reason, didn't feel like updating despite the eye-catching by-pass charging feature, now all these posts complaining about the latest update are surfacing and I'm starting to feel a bit uneasy. Is it really that bad and should i hold off on the FOTA?


  • I think the update is an improvement.

    Loving bypass feature, using quite often.

    Also seems to bypass charging when hit my limit of 80% so saving charge cycles.

    Slow charge not 100% working, but I feel the phone is less hot than before fitting charging.

    Screen looks better, just that one tiny red tint at 0% brightness, but can only see it in 100% dark room, so not a big issue to me.

    Also volte supports now for usa carriers, imagine they must added support for other regions not listed

    I'm guessing they must have limit refresh rate at low brightness to achieve better screen color, and also did some settings for other video app. But if you are not like must run in 144hz for everything I think it's ok then.

  • I don't get the red tint stuff. Is it annoying? I can get my phone to 0% brightness and not notice anything on version .58. everything's just normal-colored.

  • In .70 version there is red tint on lowest brightness

    10% to 40% is only useable brightness. Any lower or higher is worst display every.

    If you just buying to play some games sure. But if you also like to watch YouTube a lot or Netflix then big no.

  • I think the red only happens if you move brightness down super fast, and I can barely see it in completely dark room.

    In honesty it is don't bother me in every usage

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